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Fund: Mekong Enterprise Fund II
Date of Investment: April 2010
Deal Leader in charge: Pham Vu Thanh Giang

Business description
Vietnam Australia International School ('VAS') is a leading private bilingual K-12 education service provider in Vietnam, targeting Vietnamese mid-to-high income households. For the school year 2012-2013, VAS has approximately 4,300 students studying in 8 campuses. Since establishment in 2004, VAS has been widely recognized for successfully providing high-quality education in a safe, caring and stimulating environment and ensuring students’ integration with a global community, but also maintaining core Vietnamese values.

Vision and long term strategy
VAS aims to be the number one bilingual school in Vietnam and making international standard quality in education available to mid-income population by ensuring its annual fee is only at 50% fees of purely international schools. This target segment enables VAS to capture the growing demand, thereby generating substantial value for its shareholders. This shall be achieved on the back of VAS’s leading-edge strategy in providing quality bi-lingual education in best-in-class facilities nation-wide.

By then end of 2013, VAS rolled out three mega-campuses with excellent facilities including gymnastics, huge play-ground and swimming pool which further enhanced the competitive position of VAS.

From the school year 2013-2014, the Cambridge International curriculum is integrated with the national curriculum, enable VAS to offer quality bi-lingual program with dual diplomas granted by the Cambridge International Examinations of the University of Cambridge and by the Department of Education and Training of Vietnam.