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Admin Officer


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The Role

The Administration Officer is accountable for the following ongoing set of results, which are required to continuously propose improvements from time to time, under close supervision of the Center Manager.

1. Reception (10%):

  • Ensure to always keep the receptionist warm and professional.
  • Warmly welcome guests, take guests to meeting rooms and serve water/coffee to guests.
  • Answer phone calls promptly (within 2 rings).
  • Deliver the Secretary works (mail/newspaper/magazine delivery).

2. Mekong Merchandising Store Management (Mestore):

Responsible for operating MeStore with extremely high-quality branded name products for Mekongers and guests:

  • New products are produced with high quality, speak to the needs, creative, elegant and on time.
  • MeStore marketing activities: new products communication
  • Stock management activities with accurate and timely at HCM VFC
  • Product brainstorm and Production: brainstorm and product creation, work with suppliers to finalize production.
  • Mestore services:
    • Internal transfer
    • Sell process
    • Products reviews, sale reports, stock management

3. Vending Machine Management:

Responsible for the operation and maintenance of Mekong Vending Machine.

  • Manage the products with hygiene and safety.
  • Offer new products are beneficial for health and meet the needs of Mekongers.
  • Stock management: diverse items, restock based on customer references, and on time.
  • Ensure vending machine operate smoothly for customers.

4. Gift & design:

a) Gifting: Ensure timely and thoughtfully gifts to express Mekong’s appreciation to people who have contribution to Mekong’s success.

  • Arrange gifts on request from team members within budget and with velocity.
  • Co-ordinate with vendors to produce high-quality, customized gifts with Mekong’s logo.
  • Arrange gifts for recurrent occasions annually (Journalism Day, Journalists Birthday, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Lunar New Year).

b) Working Anniversary Gift: Prepare working anniversary gifts for team members to acknowledge their long-term commitment with Mekong.

  • Ensure the working anniversary gifts are well arranged (meeting criteria, within the budget) before the milestone date of relevant Mekonger.
  • Arrange occasions/calendar to deliver gifts to employee on their working anniversary date.

c) Deal Toy: Ensure timely celebrate new investment of Mekong by having Deal Toys with the design aligned with relevant Deal Team.

  • Co-ordinate with vendor and Investment Team to finalize the design and products.
  • Ensure Deal Toy is high quality and designed to capture the investee company’s essence.

d) Poster Design: Ensure all posters in Mekong are displayed suitably, which can reflect the intended messages and enroll team members/guests in Mekong’s being and commitment.

  • Coordinate with vendors and ensure the designs meet Mekong’s expectations and standards.
  • All posters have enrolling design and are hung at appropriate locations.

5. Others (15%):

In addition to the specific deliverables mentioned in each and every process and guidelines for each task, you also need to ensure:

  • All the payments/transactions are handled timely and correctly.
  • Budget for all accountabilities is well-built annually.
  • All the necessary information (contracts, agreements related to domain in charge) is well filed on the company’s server.
  • All the processes & guidelines for each accountability are composed and updated timely.
  • Deliver expected results of any other accountabilities are assigned to you by your mentor from time to time.

What you will need

Working Experience:

  • Has at least 3-5 years of working experience in Facility/Office Management.
  • Have at least 1 year of purchasing or sourcing related to office/facility management.

Ways of Being:

  • Result oriented
  • Attentive to details
  • Committed to high standards
  • Open-minded to learn new things
  • Customer Service Mindset
  • Inquisitive and Curious


  • Master in using Microsoft Office (Word and Excel)
  • Strong communication in both English and Vietnamese, in both verbal and writing
  • Negotiation
  • Data Entry