Corporate Communications Intern

Corporate Communications Intern





Who we are

At Corporate Communications, we ensure consistent communication reflects Mekong Capital as the most experienced private equity firm with the ontological approach to VDI, transformation, leadership and corporate culture. We are the driving force to sustain a strong storytelling culture at Mekong Capital which transforms the way we communicate and produce results.

Who you are

  • You are a creative writer, thoughts illustrator
  • You love taking charge of a creative project
  • You find joy in journaling, reading stories/books

You need

  • You have a solid command of the English language
  • You have keen eyes for details
  • You are responsible and a trusted team player who delivers with great ownership

You can get

  • First-hand experience of Corporate Communications functionalities
  • Professional working environment to hone your discipline and ownership in time and task management
  • Understanding of the organizational structure and business communications
  • Coaching on What it takes to tell stories to create impact

What you will do

  • Blogs editing and translating between EN – VN
  • Handle the logistics for internal storytelling events including event banner design, customer touch points call-to-action
  • Complete and deliver your own internal communications project
  • Other assistant assignments by the task manager

You will need to

Send your CV, portfolio, and cover letter telling us “A story about a memory/experience that left a great impact on you” to