Mekong Capital Executive Assistant
Mekong Capital

Executive Assistant (Efficiency Management, HCM)


Ho Chi Minh city


Efficiency Management

The Why

  • Are you eager to work for the most experienced Private Equity firm in Vietnam?
  • Are you willing to constantly discover new ways of communication, and approaches to partner with us to realize Mekong Capital’s vision?
  • Are you excited to realize your own purpose and be fulfilled in your life and work?

The Role


  • Maximize the efficiency of Partners through Mission Control (Time management) and allocate our time, attention, and energy to where the Partner adds the most value and have the biggest impact on the outcome to which he/she is committed;
  • Maximize the efficiency of our investment team by being a partner with them in causing the company to fulfill their vision.

a/ Organizing and managing the calendar of Partners in a way that:

  • Every occasion has sufficient time to deliver the outcome;
  • Every occasion has a clear outcome that contributes to the fulfillment of the Partner’s priorities;
  • Ensure his/her time is allocated based on their priorities;
  • Sufficiency meetings/conversations that contribute to the companies fulfilling their priorities;
  • Sufficient time to prepare before and reflect after each meeting/conversation;
  • The calendar in the next min 8 weeks is well arranged;
  • Apply & use dynamic 365 for internal tracking purposes;
  • Eliminate all waste (any nonrelated group internal meetings, no clear outcome meetings, meetings to update each other, or meetings that are not related to Partners accountabilities) & identify areas where he can delegate to other people;
  • Execute timely on Partner requests especially coordinating for meetings and working at investee.

b/ Travel coordination to ensure the calendar of Partner & directors are well arranged.

  • Work with the investment team to ensure they have sufficient meetings/conversations to deliver their committed result. Raise up when there is not as an early indicator to off track against their commitments;
  • Celebrate small wins of the investment Team so that they are empowered and acknowledged.

3/ Other accountabilities to be assigned by Executive Assistant Team Lead

  • Take leadership to get the assigned tasks completed.

What you will need

Working Experience:

  • In the position of Executive Assistant before 3-5 years of experience.
  • Committed to high standards;
  • Result-oriented: organize from the results and act with velocity;
  • Have straight and direct conversations with others when something is missing/ not working until it is handled;
  • Open-minded and do not take things personally and open to transformation and growth, don’t be stuck into ” fixed me”, and be open to different opinions and perspectives;
  • Very strong in communication & listening;
  • Customer Service Mindset.
  • Master in using Microsoft Office (Word and Excel) & Outlook;
  • Strong communication in both English and Vietnamese, in both verbal and writing.