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Mekong Capital

Investment Associate (Hanoi)





Our Company

  • Mekong Capital is a Vietnam-focused Private Equity firm, specializing in consumer driven businesses. Mekong Capital’s investee companies are typically among the fastest growing and market leading companies in Vietnam’s consumer-driven sectors such as retail, restaurants, consumer products and distribution.
  • Mekong Capital has created an environment where people with integrity, leadership and commitment work together as a team to fulfill our vision. We recruit highly capable employees, encourage and support the continuous development of their skills and knowledge, and motivate them to produce results.
  • The investment associate will partner with us and our investee companies in the pathway to realize their visions

The "Why"

  • Join us if you want to reinvent private equity, generate breakthrough, wealth and fulfillment.
  • Join us if you want to be an added value partner with our investee companies in realizing unpredictable future.

The Role

Associates are accountable for medium projects (can be completed up to 3 weeks and may involve coordinating with several people) assigned by Deal Leaders that require insightful analysis, enrollment or project management and could be in any phase of an investment from deal sourcing, appraisal, implementation, post-investment or exit. In some cases, they are accountable for an ongoing set of results and are required to continuously propose improvements from time to time.

Their projects have a level of complexity that requires them to proactively solve problems, coordinate with others, ask questions, make requests of others, hold others accountable, and handle it fully when another person isn’t delivering what is needed for the project to be completed.

What you will need

Technical expertise:

  • Demonstrated ability to perform analytical and research activities, always clearly identifying the objectives and big picture, and being organized around delivering on those objectives.
  • Perform analysis and write significant parts of a pre-appraisal or appraisal in ways that comply with our templates.
  • Can prepare professional-standard presentations and insightful visual displays.
  • Has the capacity to build and update error-free financial models.
  • Approximately 3-8 years of some combination of private equity, investment banking, global banking, corporate banking, strategy consulting, corporate strategy, and project management…etc.
  • You are excited about being at the source of reinventing private equity, being a pioneer, committing to something new and bold that has never been done before and giving your word to make it happen.
  • Strong fit with our core values.
  • Will reliably organize around our core technologies including​ VDI, mission control, Breakdown Technology, etc.
  • Asks lots of questions, and directs those questions only to more senior and relevant people such as the Deal Leader, Mentor, etc.