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Head of Digital Transformation


Ho Chi Minh City


Digital Transformation & Analytics

The Why

Mekong Capital is committed to unlocking the full potential of digital transformation. We are on a mission to align technology, people, and processes to optimize operational efficiency and effectiveness. If you’re a master of digital transformation, we invite you to be part of our dynamic team.


1. Digital Visionary: As the Head of Digital Transformation, your primary objective is to be the digital visionary who strategically aligns technology, people, and processes. You’ll optimize operational efficiency, all in service of fulfilling Mekong Capital’s highest priorities.
2. Forward-Thinking Solutions: Your second objective is to lead the development and implementation of forward-thinking digital solutions. These solutions will strategically align our business and technology strategies, ensuring exceptional customer satisfaction and driving our organization’s success.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Comprehensive Digital Transformation:
    • Develop, implement, and continuously optimize a holistic digital transformation strategy and roadmaps.
    • Enhance customer experiences and maintain a robust enterprise architecture.
2. High-Impact Initiatives:
    • Lead digital transformation initiatives with high impact, contributing to Mekong Capital’s Goals & KPIs.
    • Provide leadership in leading and collaborating on cross-department Agile projects.
3. Management Role:
    • Provide leadership for the vision of the Digital Transformation Team and Mekong Capital.

Key Accountabilities:

1. Digital Transformation:
    • Responsible for Mekongs DT Landscape and DT Roadmap. Prioritize digital initiatives based on impact, cost-effectiveness, and feasibility, fostering a digital culture for customers, employees, and stakeholders.
    • Proactively generate and cause new cross-functional projects successfully which are consistently used by everyone and fulfill the company’s vision.
    • Identify opportunities for process automation and lead the implementation.
    • Continuously improve and organize around results that elevate the performance of the company’s Top KPIs.
    • Provides the leadership for high-impact initiatives, which improves efficiency and productivity across the organization.
2. Customer Experience:
    • Evaluate and enhance the customer journey to ensure an optimal and seamless customer experience.
    • Oversee the Digital Workplace, ensuring an optimal digital experience for key users (Partners, Investors, Directors).
    • Utilize data analytics and customer feedback to identify opportunities for improvement in customer service and satisfaction.
    • Implement technologies and processes that enhance customer engagement and satisfaction.
    • Develop enrollment and support programs for employees impacted by digital initiatives.
3. Strategic Planning:
    • Align digital transformation projects with organizational goals and strategies.
    • Lead and oversee the digital transformation initiatives across the organization, ensuring smooth transitions and minimal disruption.
    • Develop and implement digital transformation strategies that enhance customer experience and business value.
4. Enterprise Architecture:
    • Oversee the development and implementation of a robust enterprise architecture that supports digital transformation initiatives.
    • Ensure alignment with the business goals and technology strategy.
    • Evaluate and implement emerging technologies and architecture solutions to drive digital innovation and transformation.
5. Solution Management:
    • Oversee the design and implementation of innovative digital solutions to solve complex business challenges.
    • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to deliver innovative solutions.
    • Communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholders, keeping them informed of progress and changes.
    • Ensure successful deployment and adoption of solutions across the organization.
6. Budget Management:
    • Manage financial aspects of digital transformation initiatives, ensuring projects are completed within budget and deliver maximum ROI.
    • Develop and oversee project budgets for efficiency.
7. Administrative and other tasks
    • Handle administrative tasks related to your activities (contract with vendors, making payment requests)

Key Requirements

  • Experience: A minimum of 5 years in a management-level role (Senior Manager/Director/ Head level) within Digital or Product Management.
  • Track Record: Proven expertise in successfully leading end-to-end digital transformation initiatives, from ideation to successful implementation.
  • Knowledge: Deep understanding of enterprise architecture, technology solutions, and customer experience strategies.
  • Communication: Exceptional communication skills; clear and direct communication, proactively addressing issues, and speaking up promptly when needed. A skilled listener, understands, and recreates others’ perspectives, aiming for the shared goal.
  • Management Skills: Strong stakeholder and project management skills, especially in Agile/Scrum methodologies. Directly engage with teams and stakeholders to drive results.
  • Leadership: Demonstrated high influence and leadership capability, empowering teams to excel and find fulfillment in their work.
  • Language: Fluent in both English and Vietnamese.
  • Mindset: Results-oriented with a natural curiosity.


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