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Mekong Capital

Senior Investment Associate (Value Creation) – HCMC


Ho Chi Minh city



Why Mekong Capital?

Founded in 2001, Mekong Capital is a Vietnam-focused Private Equity firm, specializing in consumer-driven businesses. Mekong Capitals’ investee companies are typically among the fastest-growing and market-leading companies in Vietnam’s consumer-driven sectors such as Mobile World, PNJ, Golden Gate, Pizza 4Ps, F88, Marou, etc.

  • You may be excited to be an added value partner with our investee companies in realizing an unpredictable future. But…
  • Only join us if you want to bring transformation, leadership, and purpose into the world of Private Equity. Why?
  • Because we do NOT do Private Equity like everyone else.
  • Mekong Capital added value Vision Driven Investing framework (VDI). It is NOT a set of best practices or solutions. It is NOT something that we can give or force onto a company.
  • We are the best place for people with a passion for coaching or leadership, who are genuinely interested in transformation as a basis for consistently delivering breakthroughs in Private Equity

Key Requirements

  • Use coaching conversations to help individuals discover and transform themselves, rather than providing solutions or knowledge.
  • Passionate about leadership, coaching, and personal growth, and experience in helping others achieve their goals & and link them to successful business outcomes.
  • Confident and outspoken, without self-limiting beliefs, and able to communicate effectively.
  • Interested in business and eager to learn investment-related skills to drive business results.
  • Share Mekong’s core values and be open to applying them in new ways.
  • Prioritize the vision of investee companies and use our investment framework to support their success.

Key Accountabilities:

A. Investee Facing:
a. Pre-Investment:

  • Pipeline: Identify comparable companies and arrange meetings with Mekong Capital.
  • Pre-appraisals and appraisals: Assist in preparing investment memos for informed decisions.
  • Structuring, Implementing, and Completing an investment: Involved in projects for investment completion.

b. Post-Investment Value Creation Core accountability:

  • Vision: Support the investee company’s vision and be organized around it.
  • Vision Driven Investing: Ensure our investment framework principles are applied, propose actions, and address issues.
  • KPIs and Optimal Pathway: Work with the team to achieve targets and identify areas for improvement.
  • Complete communication: Maintain open communication, emphasizing the vision using our investment framework

c. Financial matters:

  • Financial Management: Analyze financial performance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Financial Models: Maintain and update financial models aligned with the vision.

d. Exit:

  • Exit: Handle exit-related projects.
  • Divestment Proposal: Prepare high-quality divestment proposals.

e. Corporate Governance:

  • Board of Directors: Assist with legal documents and attend board meetings if needed.
  • Ensuring Compliance: Ensure compliance, address non-compliance incidents, and manage conflicts.
  • Declaration of Dividends and other Corporate Actions: Coordinate dividend declarations and update financial models.

B. Internal Mekong Tasks:
a. Reports:

  • Quarterly Compliance Report
  • Quarterly Performance Report: Create accurate performance reports for investee companies.

b. Document Maintenance: Securely store important documents.

c. Additional Tasks: Assist with presentations, quantitative analysis, and Sustainability/ESG projects.

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