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Mekong Capital

Senior Investment Associate (HCMC)


Ho Chi Minh City




  • Partner with investee companies to improve their financial and operational performance by identifying improvement opportunities and benchmarking against leading companies in the same industry globally.
  • Build, maintain, and continuously improve Mekong Capitals systems for financial analysis of our investees and pipeline companies under active appraisal.
  • Ensure each investee company has implemented systems, processes, and internal controls to mitigate the risk of poor capital allocation or fraud.
  • Ensure each investee company is consistently on track with meeting all commitments in Shareholder Agreements (SHA), Charter, and Enterprise Law; and the Inspection Committee fulfills its intended duties.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Financial Management and Reporting
  • Financial Management
  • Analyze financial performance to identify profit and loss sources, generate actionable insights, and improve profitability. Review unit economics, cash flow, cost allocation systems, and pricing framework.
  • Ensure the company has a competent CFO/Finance Director.
  • Financial Report
  • Ensure Financial Reports meet Transparency requirements, oversee accounting system improvements, and ensure accurate and consistent reporting.
  • Meet with auditors to review investees’ financial systems.
  • Mekong Capital Internal Financial Model
  • Regularly update internal financial models for investees, aiming for the most likely outcome.
  • Partner with the Investment Team to update the internal “target” model annually or when targets are revised. Ensure Financial Models comply with policies.
2. Corporate Governance
  • Serve as an Inspection committee member of the investee.
  • Ensure the investee company complies with corporate governance guidelines for Board and Shareholder meetings, including the annual AGM, and oversee the correct preparation and maintenance of meeting minutes.
  • Identify and address any instances of non-compliance, taking necessary actions to rectify the situation and informing relevant parties.
  • Conduct a semi-annual review of the commitments outlined in the Vision Holder Agreement.
  • Report to the relevant Senior Investor Relations Officer/Investor Relations Officer when the investee approves a corporate action changing the number of shares held by our funds.
  • Prepare Quarterly Compliance Report and verify Quarterly Performance Report.
  • Monitor and address any issues that arise throughout the Investees’ Public Registry.

Key Requirements:

  • At least 4 years of experience in financial analysis, audit, or risk management.
  • Proven leadership in financial projects with a focus on risk mitigation and accuracy.
  • Ability to create high-standard presentations and error-free financial models.
  • Experience in partnership-based or coaching roles.
  • Clear, confident communicator with a proactive approach to governance violations.
  • Independent worker, seeking guidance when necessary and consistently meeting standards.
  • Zero tolerance for corporate governance violations.
  • High sense of ownership, persistence, and fact-focused approach, avoiding drama.
  • Analytical mindset with a knack for identifying inconsistencies or areas of risk.
  • Strong alignment with our Core Values, focused on Vision Driven Investing and proactive application of key technologies.
  • Familiarity with SHA and the company’s Charter.


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