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Transaction Manager





The "Why"

  • You want to reinvent private equity, generate breakthrough, wealth, and fulfillment.
  • You’re inspired to be an added value partner with us in realizing unpredictable and breakthrough future.
  • You’re eager to contribute your financial expertise for building up sustainable business performance in leading industry.

What you need

  • Strong analytical skills, financial modelling with strong sense of business to different/ various industries especially consumes facing industries
  • Robust understanding of deal execution process. legal and agreement construction, review, and negotiation
  • Strong interpersonal skills and an effective communicator, both verbally and in writing
  • Approximately 7 years of some combination of investment banking (sell side or buy side), private equity, strategy consulting or M&A Advisory or corporate finance experience.
  • Assertive and result-driven
  • Enjoys analyzing, making well informed decisions, getting things right, data driven.

The "Role"


1.1 Pipeline
The Transaction Manager may be assigned a project or multiple projects (ex: Market mapping) to identify possible candidate companies in a sector and set up meetings with Mekong Capital.

1.2 Pre-appraisals and appraisals
The Transaction Manager will be assigned by the Deal Leader to write some sections of an investment memo. The investment memos are expected to meet a quality standard.
The Transaction Manager will develop and maintain the Financial Model, which reliably meets the criteria for financial models, both the target model and predictable models. The Transaction Manager is reliable at modeling accurately, including making reasonable assumptions which can be relied on.

1.3 The Transaction Manager will be accountable for structuring, resolving accounting and tax discrepancies, and implementing and completing investments.

2.1 Vision
The paramount duty of the Investment Team (Deal Team) is that the investee successfully achieves its vision. The Transaction Manager is encouraged to practice taking a stand for the vision and organizing around the vision.

2.2 Ultimate KPIs and Driver/Optimal Pathway being Achieved
Working with the Deal Leader, Transaction Manager is accountable that the monthly KPI targets are achieved, as measured by the Ultimate KPI, and that the Driver/Optimal Pathway is achieved.
The Transaction Manager may be accountable for some projects to fulfill the Ultimate KPIs & Driver/Optimal Pathway with DL’s alignment.

2.3 Complete communication
The Transaction Manager has an important role in ensuring there is a regular and complete line of communication with the CEO, stakeholders, Deal Leaders, anyone that DS works within the investee.

3.1 Financial Performance
The Transaction Manager will be accountable to review the investee’s management reports and other financial reports to identify when the company is off track on any KPIs or critical business-related metrics and declares an Off Track within Mekong as soon as he/she identifies it.

3.2 Financial Reporting
The Transaction Manager may be accountable to coach a company to improve the insightfulness, timeliness, or reliability of the investee’s financial reporting.

3.3 Financial Models
The Transaction Manager must update our internal “estimate” or “predictable” financial models for the investee at least on a monthly basis. This model is our best estimate of what is most likely, it is not intended to err on the side of being conservative. It could be higher or lower than the company’s targets.
The Transaction Manager must update our internal “target” model at least annually, or whenever the investee revises the targets, which align with the vision.
The target model must always reflect what the Deal Team is organized around delivering, in each year and over the lifetime of the investment.

3.4 Accounting and Tax Matters
The Transaction Manager will be accountable for some projects relating to cleaning up accounting, tax issues situation at investee companies to ensure transparency and compliance with Vietnam Accounting Standards.

3.5 Regulatory Compliance Matter
The Transaction Manager will be accountable for some projects relating to preventing and resolving regulatory compliance issues at investee companies to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

4.1 Exit
The Transaction Manager may be accountable for coordinating many aspects of the exit process.

4.2 Divestment Proposal
The Transaction Manager may be accountable for writing Divestment Proposals. The Divestment Proposal is expected to meet a quality standard in which:
a) it is consistent with the template;
b) there are no errors or inconsistencies;
c) a well-informed investment decision can be made.

5.1 Board of Directors
When there is a change to the Directorship, the Transaction Manager is responsible for providing the Compliance Officer of the relevant legal documents for the appointment.
The Transaction Manager must hold the Chairman accountable for the proper announcement, preparation and conduct of the meeting as per the company’s Charter and Enterprise Law.

5.2 Ensuring Compliance with all Investment Agreements and Charter
The Deal Leader and Transaction Manager are both responsible for ensuring the investee company’s full compliance with the Investment Agreements and Charter.
Cause the investee to properly conduct Board and Shareholder meetings in compliance with the company’s Charter and Enterprise Law.
Cause the investee to comply with its obligations relating to the funds’ environmental and social policies.
The Transaction Manager should deeply familiarize himself/herself with the contents of the relevant Investment Agreements and the company’s Charter.

5.3 Declaration of Dividends and other Corporate Actions to the Asset Guardian Department

6.1 Internal Reporting
Quarterly Compliance Report – a quarterly compliance report, which is called the Trigger Report.
Quarterly Performance Report – preparing the key contents of the quarterly reports on the operational and financial performance of the existing investee companies for which he/she is responsible. The official financial data included in these reports must be accurate and actual, as provided by the investee company.

6.2 Maintaining master copies of key documents

6.3 Other tasks as assigned


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