1Q2019 Newsletter

1Q19 Newsletter
for the quarter ended March 31, 2019

1Q19 Newsletter
for the quarter ended March 31, 2019

Some of the data here are the latest available to Mekong Capital at the date of this newsletter to be circulated. It might subject to be changed/updated lately.

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Spotlights on Investee companies

Spotlights on Investee companies
life insurance
 distribution with
MAP Life

In February 2019, F88 and MAP Life signed an exclusive life insurance distribution agreement.

During the first three months of 2019, F88 continued to expand its footprint in Ho Chi Minh City by opening 11 new stores, bringing the total number of stores to 57 nationwide.

30% YOY Net Revenue Increase

Nhat Tin had a strong first quarter as the net revenue increased 30% YoY. This was mainly driven by strong demand from the core B2B clients as well as significant growth in the walk-in customer group, which was up 33% YoY.

 30% YOY Net Revenue  Increase
Ecommerce Revenue Grew 59% QOQ

In 1Q19, Precita’s e-commerce revenue grew 59% compared to 4Q18, contributing 9% of the total revenue. Online contributed 21% of the total transaction volume in 1Q19 and also helped drive offline traffic to Precita’s 16 stores.

Ecommerce Revenue Grew 59% QOQ
Launched  Oracle Transportation Management 

ABA launched Oracle Transportation Management System in 1Q19. The platform is designed to facilitate the management of the core transportation and trucking services, giving a greater oversight of route planning, trip fulfillments and customer billing. The software enhances the company’s ability to manage its trucking fleet more effectively, which has expanded to 262 vehicles as of 31 March 2019.

Launched  Oracle Transportation Management
Appointed 2 Independent Directors
to the Board

Red Wok recently appointed two independent experts to the Board of Directors. Mr. Kelly Wong is the Group CFO of KIDO Group, one of Vietnam’s leading consumer food companies. Mr. Rafik Mankarious is a 20-year veteran of the F&B industry and former Vice President for McDonald’s in Greater Asia. These two experts are expected to bring great expertise to Red Wok Investments, established as an investment holding company to develop local restaurant concepts into national brands throughout Vietnam. Red Wok Investments’ current portfolio includes Red Wok Cuisine, with 25 outlets, and Quan Ut Ut, which has grown to 8 locations.

Kids and Junior new enrollments increased 35% QOQ

In 1Q19, YOLA’s Kids and Junior new enrollments increased by 35% QoQ. This was a result of the company’s focus on the customer segment of 5-16 year-old students in 2019.

Kids and Junior new enrollments increased 35% QOQ
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