1Q22 Newsletter

1Q22 Newsletter
for the quarter ended 31 Mar 2022

1Q22 Newsletter
for the quarter ended 31 Mar 2022

Some of the data here are the latest available to Mekong Capital at the date of this newsletter to be circulated. It might subject to be changed/updated lately.

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Spotlight On Mekong Capital

Spotlight On Mekong Capital
First publication: CRAB HOTPOT 

Written by Founder Chris Freund, Crab Hotpot is a story about a group of crabs who found themselves stuck in a boiling pot and how they chose to transform themselves to be able to achieve their shared objectives. The book is available to purchase domestically and internationally.

The first 1,000 copies of Vietnamese version were sold out just 2 months after nation-wide launch in February.

First publication: CRAB HOTPOT

Spotlight On Investee Companies

Spotlight On Investee Companies
Increased 378 Points of Sales

Mutosi accelerated its products coverage to 378 new points of sale across the country, achieving YoY growth in revenue at 146% in 1Q22, on track to achieving 6,000 points of sales in 2022.

Increased 378 Points of Sales
Opened the 1,000th store

March 2022 marked the opening of the 1,000th store for Pharmacity with 221 new stores established during 1Q22, fulfilling Pharmacity’s Vision set out in 2019.

64 new branches opened

Continually accelerating the pace of coverage with 64 new branches opened in 1Q22, F88 increased its total number of branches to 589 nationwide, on track to fulfilling its vision of 1,000 branches across all 63 provinces and cities in the country by 2023.

 64 new branches opened
107% YoY revenue growth

By 1Q22, Vua Nem’s revenue increased 107% compared to the same period last year. This growth was partially driven by the company’s recent success in viral brand campaigns and shifting their product offering towards the most popular brands.

 107% YoY revenue growth
35% YoY growth in revenue

In 2021, Nhat Tin established its ‘Nhat Tin Fulfillment’, providing comprehensive logistics services, from warehousing to last-mile delivery for its retail customers. This together with the continuous expansion of Nhat Tin’s network coverage and infrastructure throughout last year, have contributed to the 35% YoY growth in sales performance.

 35% YoY growth in revenue
Launched new product line: Marou Bars 

The Marou Bar launched in 1Q22 represents an evolution to their craft – a pocket size of 35g affordable candy bar with Vietnamese finest chocolate. Marou is now one step closer to fulfilling its commitment of delighting millions of Vietnamese chocolate lovers without compromising its pride in product quality.

Launched new product line: Marou Bars
50% YoY growth in cold storage’s handling volume

ABA’s cold storage handling volume in 1Q22 has spiked 50% compared to the same period last year, leading to a 17% YoY rise in the Company’s revenue in Warehousing. This growth was driven by the increasing demand from modern trade retail customers, such as Bach Hoa Xanh, VinCommerce, Masan, etc.

 50% YoY growth in cold storage’s handling volume
Opened 2 BiaCraft restaurants

1Q22 marked the opening of the 5th and 6th locations of Bia Craft, located at 167 Nguyen Duc Canh in District 7 and Trung Son Residence in Binh Chanh, Ho Chi Minh City, respectively. These new locations raised Red Wok’s portfolio to 27 locations across 4 brands.

Opened 2 BiaCraft restaurants
Revenue increased 63% YoY

The positive result of 63% YoY growth in gross sales performance this quarter came from LiveSpo’s expanding distribution network with a 37% YoY increase in the number of pharmacies nation-wide selling its products.

Revenue increased 63% YoY
31% YoY growth in new enrollments

YOLA’s 1st quarter result was a 31% YoY growth in new enrollments thanks to the initiative of IELTS Online launched by end of last year, which has contributed 45% to the total new enrollments.

 31% YoY growth in new enrollments
Launched early cancer detection technology SPOT-MAS™ 

In the 1st quarter of this year, Gene Solutions began to implement clinical trials of SPOT-MAS™ liquid biopsy technology with 15 leading Vietnamese hospitals and Malaya University (Malaysia) from the 2nd quarter respectively. This is a stepping stone in realizing Gene Solutions’ vision of making early cancer screening more affordable and accessible to the mass population, expanding to SEA markets.

Launched early cancer detection technology SPOT-MAS™
23% YoY revenue growth

Thanks to the rising demand for F&B after a long lockdown, 4P’s continues to surprise its customers with Wow moments, contributing to its YoY revenue growth at 23%.

 23% YoY revenue growth
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