Hien grew up in Hanoi, Vietnam, and subsequently traveled to the United States for his Bachelor's degree at the University of California, Berkeley, major in Economics and Sociology.

In 2012, he got introduced to a personal development 3-day training course. At which point, he identified himself as a shy and reserved person. During the training, Hien discovered how much he had been a people-pleaser, thus lifted the constraints he had imposed on himself, the way he communicates, and be with people. 

It was the first time he participated in the discipline of ontology and the breakthrough has transformed all aspects of his life, not just school, work, but also his relationship with his beloved friends and family. He could express “I love you” to the people he cares about the most. He could even be authentic and straightforward with people around him without worrying about upsetting them.  

Hien came back to Vietnam in 2017 and experienced various positions before he met Minh Giang, Partner of Talent and Culture at Mekong Capital in 2019. Out of several conversations with Minh Giang, he shifted from not interested in Mekong Capital at all to very curious and wanting to find out more about what it does. Never in his wildest imagination did he think there would be an organization in Vietnam incorporating ontological transformation to make positive impacts for people and businesses. After meeting with Chris Freund, the Founder of Mekong Capital, he was crystal clear that Mekong Capital would be his next adventure. 

At Mekong Capital, Hien has been ongoingly amazed at what Mekong Capital is committed to the future of Vietnam and what it has been providing for the business community. He is proud and fulfilled being a be a part of that extraordinary and wonderful commitment. And he now embarks on the journey to realize his personal Vision and visions of the investee companies he has privileges to work with.