As a Deal Leader, Thu Ha is currently responsible for long-term success of the investments of Mekong Capital. Thu Ha successfully led the exit of Loc Troi. Thu Ha is a member of Mekong Capital’s Investment Recommendation Committee. Thu Ha joined Mekong Capital in November 2013. 

Luong Thi Thu Ha was previously an Investment Manager at TIM Investment and Management Consulting JSC where she was responsible for undertaking investments for TIM Vietnam Tiger Fund and other assigned managed accounts. Prior to joining TIM Investment and Management Consulting JSC, Thu Ha was Senior Investment Advisory Manager at Tri Tin International JSC, a member of Openasia Group, where she was responsible for participating in the formulation of investment criteria and procedures for Red River Holding, development and periodical reviews of investment strategies for the Fund, due diligence etc., Thu Ha holds a Master degree, the Vietnam-Netherlands Project for Master in Development Economics, Ho Chi Minh City.