Minh Giang grew up in the land of sun and wind in Central Vietnam: Quang Ngai, where she nurtured her personalities of hardworking, tolerant, and always optimistic in the face of life's challenges. 

Moving to Ho Chi Minh City, Minh Giang soon encountered the turning point of her life when she joined Navigos Group and spent the next three years as a Senior Job Recruiter. She gradually flourished her enthusiasm and passion for connecting teams so she actively participated in "Building Corporate Culture" activities and events as part of the Culture Committee at Navigos.

Years at Navigos had shaped Minh Giang's determination to develop herself as an 'Internal HR Specialist'. And the second turning point of her life was when she decided to join the Mekong Capital team in 2010 for a simple reason: Mekong staff had their laptops, and their culture was unique, which sometimes could even be considered 'weird' compared to other companies.

During the next 10+ years, step-by-step, Minh Giang relentlessly transformed and 'expanded' herself, her experience, and her leadership by continuously generating new initiatives to add value to the Mekong Capital team and the companies in their portfolio. Under her leadership, the Talent and Culture (T&C) team is at the core for cultivating the best Employee Experience from recruiting, training, and developing, to team building activities and building corporate culture, which resulted in Mekong Capital being voted as one of the Best Places to Work in Asia in 2019.

(Minh Giang represented Mekong Capital receiving the 'Vietnam's Best Companies to Work for in Asia' in 2019)

Besides that, the T&C team is also involved in Mekong Capital's value-creation framework, Vision Driven Investing, at our investee companies. For example, 80% of senior staff for companies in the Mekong Enterprise Fund III were recruited with the help of T&C. Moreover, the team directly organized training and workshops to help senior staff develop personal leadership and building trust within teams by transforming their communications. As a coach, Minh Giang works closely with our investee companies to unlock their potential for Corporate Culture Transformation.

Minh Giang's transformation journey reflects her incredible contributions to the success of Mekong Capital over the last 10 years and who she is being as a living example of the core values that Mekong Capital pursues. She is now Mekong Capital's Partner of Talent and Culture and a member of the Management Committee.

Email: MinhGiang@mekongcapital.com