Minh Thu's first professional transformation was when she discovered that she did not orient herself towards a professional career. She then set a goal that "in 5 years – I will be a manager for a multinational company" without any ideas about how a secretary (her first job) can become a manager in a multinational company.  

Thu started with HR as she thought it was closely related to her Admin job. Fortunately, she was offered a job at a foreign consulting company. As a consultant, she took all chances to attain as many courses as possible to elevate herself. Gradually, she became the top performer and was made as a Manager. It was four years after she committed to becoming "a manager in a multinational company."  

Her journey then continued on smoothly. She became a well-known consultant in the market and a leader in her team. However, at some point, she did not want to be stuck in the definition of a “successful career” anymore. She was ready for the next challenge.

Then in Feb 2020, Thu was invited for an opportunity at Mekong Capital. She was impressed with how Mekong Capital can add value to their investee companies. She was thrilled with the big game she was offered to reinventing private equity and create new futures. Thus, she decided to sacrify her title and became a “Senior Talent & Culture OFFICER” with a HALF-PAY of her current package.

15 years after a successful career, it was the first time Thu think of her “life purpose” and “personal vision” and created one for herself. She sees herself adding value to both internal accountability and coaching the investee companies to enhance their HR capabilities. 

This is the start of the journey and is not so sure if she will take it as a life-job. But at least, she observed herself with peace of mind, finding the meaning of going to works and seeing herself bigger than the past…

Email: MinhThu@mekongcapital.com