Rachel Davis was born in Rochester, New York. She subsequently attended the University of Vermont and the University of Kentucky, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture, followed by a master's degree and Ph.D. in Communication. Early in her life, she developed a deep desire for each person to experience their full potential.

In 1994, Rachel attended a program called the Landmark Forum, where she had a profound transformation and an experience of how much more was possible. The three-day program was led by someone who could listen and coach people to have massive breakthroughs in how they saw the world. Rachel realized that the real power of communication was that it could free people from their past limiting beliefs and create and realize results beyond what they had believed was possible when they started the program. Between 1994 and 2000 she continued to participate in Landmark Education programs, even though the closest center was 100 miles away. By 1995, she was a volunteer leader and coach in her spare time, causing hundreds of participants to have breakthroughs.

So in 2001, Rachel made her first major career shift, leaving the University of Kentucky to join the faculty of Landmark Education. From 2001-2009, as a Landmark Forum Leader, she led public transformational, breakthrough performance seminar programs in 12 different countries (United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, China, S. Korea). Programs ranged in size from 60-200 people. Her role was to publicly coach in a way that allowed them to produce breakthrough results and provide leadership in their lives, communities, businesses, and organizations.

Rachel fell in love with Asia and attributes much of her ability to contribute significantly to leaders and leadership to what she discovered and learned from leading in Asia. When she parted ways with Landmark Education and returned to the United States in 2009, it was with a broken heart. After some personal time-off, she started her own consulting business and, from 2010-2020, focused on empowering leaders to achieve the results they were committed to in all areas of their life.

Three decades of experience navigating complex people situations with many unknowns enables Rachel to provide executives, leaders, and staff customized, actionable, and effective leverage points, new perspectives, and transformational conversations, which, in turn: shortens timelines, eliminates conflict, increases results, and elevates the engagement and leadership of others.

However, Rachel had an expanding awareness that no matter what difference she made for her individual clients, it was massively insufficient to make the impact we, as humans, needed for a better world. Thus, when Chris Freund and Minh Giang from Mekong Capital reached out in November 2019, she was preparing for another pivot in her career and business direction.

Rachel then decided to depart to Vietnam on a short visit to Mekong Capital in January 2020 for a 3-week consulting engagement. After meeting their team members, she was so inspired by their core values, a larger purpose, greater vision, and their full partnership and commitment to the success of investee companies. She realized that how Mekong Capital was organized was a perfect model for creating a better life for millions and establishing a replicable model for business as a force for good on the planet. Thus, she completed her work in the U.S. and moved to HCMC to join the Mekong Capital team full-time.

She is now the Director of Transformation, fully committed to empowering Mekong Capital's team to cause every expanding breakthrough result with and for those companies that choose to partner with Mekong Capital in delivering the full value of being Vision Driven Investing.