Rachel Davis, PhD joined Mekong Capital as Director of Transformation in March 2020. A global executive and leadership coach with 30+ years of experience, Rachel has led transformational programs to 100,000+ people in 12 countries.​

Three decades of experience navigating complex people situations with many unknowns enables Rachel to provide executives, leaders and staff customized, actionable and effective leverage points, new perspectives and transformational conversations, which, in turn: shortens timelines, eliminates conflict, increases results, and elevates the engagement and leadership of others.

On a short visit to Mekong Capital and after meeting our team members, she was so inspired by our core values, larger purpose, greater vision, and our full partnership and commitment to the success of investee companies, Rachel completed her work in the U.S. and moved to HCMC to join the Mekong Capital team full-time.

​In addition to earning a PhD in Communication, Rachel spent eight years as a faculty member of one of the leading international transformational education companies, before being a leadership consultant and executive coach in Denver, Colorado.