As a Deal Leader, Sjoerd is responsible for long-term success of the investment in YOLA. Sjoerd is also a member of the Board of YOLA. Sjoerd is a member of Mekong Capital’s Investment Recommendation Committee.

As a Principal, Sjoerd Zwinkels is responsible for tracking and analyzing the performance of the investee companies and funds managed by Mekong Capital. He also responsible for assisting Deal Leaders in all phases of investment, including appraising new investments, creating value during post investments and successfully exiting. Furthermore he assists the Investor Relations team and performs analytical, financial and operational activities including macro-economic analysis, sector research and certain company-specific research for Vietnam and Asia. Sjoerd joined Mekong Capital in August 2010.

Sjoerd Zwinkels joined Mekong Capital just after graduated from the Erasmus University Rotterdam with Degree of Bachelor in Business Administration and a Master in Finance and Investments.