Thriving from her family's hardship at a very young age, Minh Thuy appreciated the importance of education and was determined to study hard to achieve more in life. She then graduated from Foreign Trade University with the highest ranking among her batch.

Thuy's academic years had shaped her as a person who enjoyed doing analytical work. She never thought she could do something different until she got a job offer from Deloitte to become a consultant. It turned out, Thuy amazingly enjoyed spending hours talking with clients. She felt delighted when clients gave her a call to quickly seek advice on something and they thanked her for getting all of their concerns handled. She believed her job had added value to many people and businesses in Vietnam.  

Three years later, Thuy decided to do something bigger. She did not want to limit her expertise to just taxes. She was then lucky enough to earn a fully-funded Master’s scholarship in New Zealand. It was an eye-opening experience for her to live in a new culture. However, she was sad seeing that Vietnam was hardly mentioned as a successful case study in the business domain. 

Back in Vietnam, Thuy embarked on a new journey as an Investment team member at Mekong Capital in 2020. Since then, she has been a trusted partner of Vietnamese companies to realize their visions. Her work contributes to Vietnam’s evolution as a home that transforms organizations with a growing community of business leaders.

With that mission, every day, Thuy goes to the Vision Fulfillment Center with excitement and come home feeling complete. She experiences aliveness, freedom, joy at every moment. Her passion and life purpose for making an impact on Vietnam are fulfilled.