Truong Dieu Le is currently the Partner of Operations, managing 10 members across 4 internal functions of Mekong Capital including Investor Relations, Environmental & Social Management, Accounting & Finance, and Office Administration. She is a member of the Management Committee.

In addition, Le is currently also responsible for coordinating for the implementation of the Vision Driven Investing framework internally, especially ensuring insightful management reporting and holding all deal teams accountable for delivering their KPIs.

Le has over 16 years of operational experience in managing back office of Mekong Capital. Her significant achievements include building up an independent and capable Operations team; setting up the Human Resources function (which has transformed into the Talent & Culture function), especially the overhaul of organizational structure and the development of remuneration systems; setting up and building the Investor Relations Team and the Environmental & Social function from zero and leading the digitalization of the quarterly report system from excel based to cloud based solution.

Prior to leading the Operations Team, Le completed the investment of Mekong Enterprise Fund in Duc Thanh Wood Processing and became the Deal Leader in that company. Le also contributed to the investment appraisal and implementation of Mekong Enterprise Fund into Lac Viet and Ngo Han.