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Nguyen Hoang Anh


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Ho Chi Minh City

Hoang Anh Mekong Capital Team

Hoang Anh was born in a middle-class family. At 15, Hoang Anh left Vietnam for high school and living the teenage “American dream”. She then attended the University of Texas at Dallas, majoring in Economics. During college, she really wondered what she would do after school.

She imagined her life as a white collar, working 9 to 5 at beautiful skyscrapers and a vibrant social life outside of office. She was determined and scored an opportunity to start her career path as a banker in New York City. She was living her life exactly like how she envisioned it, in her most favorite city. The city of hustlers sparked her joy every day, but that didn’t last for too long. The repetitive daily work soon overshadowed all cosmopolitan glittery in the mind of the young girl.

She questioned if what she was doing is right and enough. And she realized what she thought she wanted was a simple officer life would not cut it. She really felt what she was doing was not contributing much to the society. She quitted her job and came back to Vietnam.

What supposed to be a temporary short break turned out to be an eye-opener for now a much older and wiser Hoang Anh. There was so much development in her home country yet still boundless opportunity for more. To her heart’s content, she decided to move back. Hoang Anh briefly joined PricewaterhouseCoopers Financial Services, and later commercial banks in Vietnam – but never truly found a place she could settle.

Mekong Capital came to her on a Friday night, when she again, questioned herself if this was what she wanted to do, and where she sees herself in the next 5 years, in the next 10 years. Does she really want to continue doing what she’s doing when she turns 40? She took the chance of doing the different!

On her onboarding session with Minh Giang – Former Partner of Talent & Culture, she was asked “How do you know about Mekong Capital?”. Hoang Anh’s answer enlightened herself “Mekong Capital touches every household: My brother goes to YOLA, my mother uses a Mutosi slow juicer, my colleagues and I dine at 4Ps, and I love to go to Marou every weekend.” The word “every household” got her paused for a moment. From that moment, she found a true meaning to a daily job.

That was the message that kept her thriving everyday: To elevate Vietnamese household consumption by adding values to Mekong Capital as a LP communication officer. This new chapter has opened her up to a whole new perspective about Private Equity – what do investors care the most other than return. For the first time, she felt what she was doing matters. As a LP communication officer, she commits to a transparent and coherent communication about Mekong Capital’s fund operations to investors. She wants to bring a clear picture of the impact of Mekong Capital’s investments have on the flourishing and forever Pearl of the Far East.