Pham Quang Huy
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Pham Quang Huy


Head of Digital Transformation


Digital Transformation & Analytics


Ho Chi Minh City

Having overcome childhood hardships, Huy always viewed challenges as opportunities to test his persistence and resilience. The first bold challenge he took was to drop out of Foreign Trade University Vietnam to enroll at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore to study Business, embarking on a journey in a foreign country.

He never stopped there. Over the past 10 years, Huy has seized various opportunities to build a remarkable career in business and growth strategy, operations, and data analytics. He began as a Digital Marketing Strategist, served as General Manager at Lozi, and joined Grab’s regional growth strategy team, contributing to the company’s rapid expansion. He was recently a Vice President at an e-commerce company, responsible for strategic projects.

In January 2024, Huy became the Head of Digital Transformation at Mekong Capital, leveraging his extensive experience to develop and optimize a comprehensive digital strategy. He leads high-impact initiatives that drive Mekong Capital’s key results.

Huy also supports Mekong Capital’s portfolios in various workstreams. In early 2024, he collaborated with Pharmacity’s CEO and department heads on an analytics project, enhancing business performance through promotion insights and stock planning. This ignited in him new possibilities, full of challenges yet exciting to lead impactful projects at investee companies.

Huy likes to read, and he reads a variety of books across fiction and non-fiction. Books always give him inspiration and ideas at work and in life.