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Vanessa was born into a traditional yet intellectual family in Hanoi where her grandfather, a well-established academic and professional in his field, was a huge role model for her education. She soon exhibited interest and talent for numbers as she won multiple regional and national mathematics awards during middle school.

She dreamt of having an education abroad like her grandfather did. However, she faced not only concerns that life abroad could be too harsh for a young girl who could not speak the host-country’s language fluently, but also financial limitations due to her family conditions.

Nevertheless, she was determined to take fate in her own hands. She took the first step by refocusing her energy on studying English and successfully enrolled herself in the English class of Hanoi Amsterdam High School for the Gifted. Along with her studying, she took part in leadership roles in various environmental and social projects during high school, through which she realized the fulfillment of being a part of something bigger than herself that contributes positively to her surroundings.

Her hard work and study paid off when she was offered a full scholarship to pursue a double degree in Sydney, Australia. In 2018, she left Vietnam to follow her dream, pursuing Bachelor of Business Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation, majored in Finance and sub-majored in Management Consulting and IT.

In university, Vanessa continuously studied hard while participating in initiatives she felt personally connected to, such as empowering female students in business, raising awareness and support for breast cancer patients, connecting investment professionals in Sydney or representing youth on investment committee of a local fund regarding ESG matters. Yet, she sometimes could not help feeling small and lonely as an international student in places dominated by locals. She had a strong desire to create an initiative empowering international students like herself who wanted to break into the corporate world in Australia. With that burning purpose, in her second year, she co-founded UTS International Student Finance Club with the help of a senior professor at her university.

Within one semester, the society grew to a committee team of 30 with over 400 active general members. Her team represented diversity and inclusion with the participation of both international and domestic students across multiple faculties from 10 different countries. Vanessa was later on nominated by her university for the NSW International Student of the Year Award in 2021 for the positive impacts she had contributed as Founding President of the society.

Through this experience, she discovered the complexity of the Finance industry and quickly realized her passion for investment. Vanessa believes sufficient allocation of capital is very important for businesses to stay viable, and Private Equity is her pathway to contribute to maximizing the ripple effect when a good business achieves its vision.

In late 2020, Vanessa took an unexpected return to Vietnam during Covid 19 like many of her peers. She was determined to find a path for her career in investment and decided to move to Ho Chi Minh City, where she worked as a Valuation Consultant at an international consulting firm while clearing 2 of her CFA exams.

In July 2021, Vanessa found her place as an Investment Associate at Mekong Capital, where she finally found a group of people who share her values of being authentic, result-oriented, purpose-driven and resilience in the face of hardships with a growth mindset. Whenever encountering challenges, Vanessa learns to flexibly shift her occurring and perspective to empower herself towards her committed breakthrough results. She chooses to be the cause in the matter instead of falling into victim with the circumstances, just like the little girl who thought her dream of studying abroad might be impossible, or the international student who felt lonely starting her career in a foreign country. Together with her teammates at Mekong Capital, Vanessa is living her dream everyday by helping companies with purposes she personally cares about to achieve their visions.

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