Together with our investee companies, we plan early for exit opportunities, whether this is a listing, trade sale or sale to a financial investor. We take an organized approach towards exits, which also involves setting and tracking key milestones. We have achieved 26 full exits of investments that were unlisted at the time of our original investment.

Financial Reporting and Corporate governance - We work closely with our investee companies to ensure that they apply best practices in financial reporting and corporate governance. We believe reliable and insightful financial reporting is critical for successful exits. Almost all of our investee companies use Big-4 auditing firms, and many have implemented international ERP packages such as SAP or Oracle.

Preparing for listing or trade sales – We work closely with the investee companies to prepare either for a listing or trade sale. Most of our companies have strong brands, distribution channels, sales teams or retail networks and that are attractive to strategic investors for a trade sale. We develop clear exit plans with the companies, such as listing plans, and stay in frequent communication with them to ensure those plans are on-track. When the exit plan involves a trade sale, we coordinate early with M&A advisors and potential strategic partners to ensure the company is preparing for the best possible trade sale.

For a full list of our exited investments, please visit here.