Chris Shayan is currently the Director of Business Engineering, responsible for coaching investee companies to fully implement a few Vision Driven Investing framework elements: Digital Transformation, Customer Driven, Bonus System, KPIs, and Management Reporting. He is a member of the Management Committee and the Investment Recommendation Committee.

In his capacity, Chris has caused significant results in our investees in different VDI elements. For instance eCommerce of Precita is now one of the best stores of the business; BI capability and Bonus system of Vuanem has caused several improvements in revenue; customer journey and bonus optimization of Pizza 4P’s has caused a significant change in acquiring over 100x number of reviews and being the best in class restaurant chain in Vietnam in terms of NPS, and acquiring thousands of Extracare members in Pharmacity by optimizing the customer journey and Point-Of-Sale System.

Chris is a mentor at Google, Advisor to multiple startups. Prior to joining Mekong Capital, Chris was CTO of iCare Benefits acquired by Clermont and CTO of Navigos/VietnamWorks acquired by en-Japan.