Vacancies at Mekong Capital

Deal Support at Mekong Capital’s Investment Team

Located in HCMC

Job Description

  • The Deal Support are responsible for accomplishing projects assigned by Deal Leaders that require high level of insightful analysis, and project management. The projects could be in any phase of an investment from deal sourcing, appraisal, implementation, post-investment value creation or exit. Although Deal Support report to a Deal Leader on each investment, they see themselves as responsible for delivering the final result.
  • Deal Support have the integrity to honor their word so that they can be fully relied on by the other members of Mekong Capital’s investment team, which runs like a well-oiled machine in which everyone can rely on each other.
  • The Deal Support are relentless about delivering results, finding ways to overcome any obstacle, and is expected to communicate directly when something is missing or not working.
  • The Deal Support are expert communicators. They listen well, and regularly ask questions when they are unclear about something or just curious. They deal with the facts, don’t avoid communicating anything, and don’t tolerate being confused or missing the full picture.
  • Their projects have a level of complexity that requires them to organize everything around results, proactively solve problems, be direct in communication with others, ask questions, make requests of others, hold others accountable, and take any necessary actions for handling it fully when another person isn't delivering what is needed for the project to be completed.


  • Can prepare professional-standard presentations and insightful visual displays.
  • Can build and update error-free financial models.
  • Ability to perform analytical and research activities, always clearly identifying the objectives and big picture, and being organized around delivering on those objectives.
  • Performs analysis and writes significant parts of a pre-appraisal or appraisal based on our templates.
  • Lives values similar to Mekong’s core values as a foundation for delivering results.
  • Committed to applying Vision Driven Investing in a complete way.
  • Demonstrates strong communication skills: Asks lots of questions, and directs those questions only to senior and relevant people.

How can I apply?

Please send your profile to Ms. Minh Giang: