The Mekong Enterprise Fund II is a $50 million growth capital private equity fund. The fund was launched in June 2006.

The Fund’s investment criteria and approach were significantly different from its predecessor fund: the Mekong Enterprise Fund II shifted its strategy towards investing in consumer driven industries of strategic value, with a particular concentration around retailing, distribution, and consumer products.

In addition to a different investment universe and criteria, the Mekong Enterprise Fund II applied a new and more comprehensive post-investment value creation program (please refer to the Vision Driven Investing section) designed to empower its investee companies throughout the entire holding period. For the Mekong Enterprise Fund II portfolio companies, Mekong Capital adopted an executive coaching model at the highest level in the organization, which identifies key constraints to achieving the company’s long-term vision and builds the capacity to address those constraints effectively and sustainably. The program has proven highly successful, resulting in accelerated growth and raised target achievement rates of its investee companies.

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Status of the Fund

The expected life of the Fund is 11 - 12 years from June 2006. The Fund made a total 10 investments since its inception, and is currently holding 1 after fully divesting from 9 companies. The Fund has further realized gains through partial divestments and the distribution of other income. The Fund is currently focused on empowering its existing portfolio companies to achieve their long-term visions and targets, which include clear valuation targets. The Fund is on track to meeting its Net IRR objectives.

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