Vietnam Azalea Fund was launched in June 2007 and manages $64 million in committed capital. Vietnam Azalea Fund is positioned at the late-stage/low liquidity risk end of the Private Equity investment spectrum and made minority investments in companies which were less than 24 months from listing. This investment universe distinguishes Vietnam Azalea Fund from the Mekong Enterprise Fund series whose strategy focuses on growth capital for companies which don’t have imminent listing plans at the time of the investment.

Similar to the Mekong Enterprise Funds, the Vietnam Azalea Fund applies an intense post investment value creation program (please refer to the Vision Driven Investing section), in close partnership with the companies’ management teams.

To learn more about the Fund's existing investments, please visit our Investments page.

Status of the Fund

The expected life of the Fund is 10 years from June 2007. The Fund made a total 10 investments since its inception, and is currently holding 2 after divesting from 8 companies. For its existing investments, the Fund is focused on empowering them to achieve their long-term visions and targets, which include clear valuation targets, and their systematic preparation for a successful exit.