Agriculture Investment Expert
Mekong Capital

Agriculture Investment Expert


Ho Chi Minh City



Are you passionate about fostering sustainable ecosystems and creating positive impacts in the Mekong region? Mekong Capital is seeking an Agriculture Investment Expert to join our dynamic team in realizing our climate fund’s mission.


  • We are looking for a Agriculture Investment Expert for a new climate fund at Mekong Capital.
  • The Agriculture Investment Expert is accountable for large-impact fund projects and independently accountable for an ongoing set of results that require project management and ownership.
  • The Fund aims to cultivate a thriving, biodiverse ecosystem in the Mekong region via sustainable land use and regenerative farming practices where farmers experience secured and fulfilled lives.
  • Responsibilities include fostering partnerships with local people and companies with scalable impact models that provide nature-based solutions to address climate change.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Lead the generation of a pipeline of potential investments for the impact fund.
  • Participate in fundraising activities of impact fund.
  • Investment Leader to identify opportunities, access risk and risk management and close investments for the impact fund. Post investment to work closely with the investee company and impact fund partners as well as implementing the Vision Driven Investing framework as a pathway to generating investment returns and impact targets of the fund.

Key Requirements

  • Experience: A minimum of 10 years of managing investments in the agriculture/forestry sector via his/her work with non-profit, government funds, private equity, and strategy consulting firms.
  • Track Record: Proven expertise in successfully leading from ideation to successful implementation of projects in the agriculture and forestry sector in the Lower Mekong Region, including a deep understanding of trade flows and supply value chains, existing regulatory framework, ownership structures, cooperatives of smallholder farmers and the risks and risk management of investments in this sector.
  • Communication: Exceptional communication skills; clear and direct communication, proactively addressing issues, and speaking up promptly when needed. A skilled listener who understands diverse perspectives communicates insights clearly and instills confidence in stakeholders, including potential Investors and Partners, showcasing expertise and value in investments.
  • Management Skills: Strong stakeholder and project management skills. Directly engage with teams and stakeholders to drive results.
  • Leadership: Demonstrated high influence and leadership capability, empowering teams to excel and find fulfillment in their work.
  • Language: Fluent in both English and Vietnamese.
  • Mindset: Results-oriented with a natural curiosity.

Embark on a fulfilling journey with us to make a positive impact on agriculture and forestry investments. Apply now and be a part of our mission to create a thriving and sustainable future.


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