Business description
Founded by a team of 5 co-founders in 2004, Mobile World has established itself as the market leader and most prominent mobile device retailer in Vietnam, specializing in mobile phones, tablets, laptops, accessories and other related products through its Thegioididong store network. As of 31 December 2016, the company operates 950 Thegioididong outlets nationwide, including all 63 provinces, making it the number #1 mobile device retailer in Vietnam with 39% market share. In 2010, the company launched a larger-format consumer electronic and household appliances retail concept under the brand. As of 31 December 2016, the company operates 260 stores, and is already one of the top 3 consumer electronics and household appliances retailers in Vietnam, with 5-10% market share depending on the category. The company is currently piloting its 3rd retail concept, a mini-supermarket chain under the brand BachhoaXANH.

The company is also active online, with more than 1,000,000 daily visitors to its websites, making it Vietnam’s largest online electronics retailer. MobileWorld applies an omni-channel strategy which closely integrates the online and offline aspects of the business. For example, leveraging its nationwide store network, the company provides 30-minute delivery for online orders for customers in many locations.

MobileWorld’s strategy is to be the most customer-centric retailer in Vietnam, organizing its operations around improving customer experience and maximizing customer satisfaction.

MobileWorld has successfully expanded its Thegioididong store network 135-fold since the time of MEF II's investment in 2007, when the company had only 7 store locations, all in Ho Chi Minh City. As of December 2015, the company’s market-share in retail of smartphones and tablets currently stands at around 39% of the Vietnam market. The company’s success is due in part to their openness to learn and apply best practices from global retailers, including those introduced by the independent Board member, Mr. Robert Willett.

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