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Started from the inspiration in modern Vietnamese cuisine

Wrap&Roll was founded by Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh, Vietnam’s first Miss Sport. Although Kim Oanh was famous for her title and her celebrity siblings, she was originally an entrepreneur while helping her mom with the family’s restaurants.

Thus, after becoming Miss Sport, in 2006, she chose to open Wrap&Roll as one of the the pioneer and the top healthy Vietnamese traditional food chain company in Vietnam. In 2016, Kim Oanh decided to partner with Mekong Capital to expand her business. 

Chuỗi nhà hàng Wrap & Roll thuộc công ty Chảo Đỏ (Red wok)

Transformed into a multi-brand restaurant company

Chuỗi nhà hàng Quán Ụt Ụt thuộc công ty Chảo Đỏ (Red wok)

Following the partnership, Wrap&Roll was transformed into Red Wok, a multi-brand restaurant company. Seeing the potential in the F&B market, in 2017, Red Wok completed its transformation from a company with a single restaurant concept, Wrap&Roll, to a multi-concept restaurant group. And as a restaurant holding company, Red Wok’s focus was on both organically growing its existing brands as well as acquiring successful concepts positioned for growth.

In 2018, Red Wok acquired Quan Ut Ut, which operated 2 popular barbecue (Quan Ut Ut) and 5 craft beer (Bia Craft) restaurant chains in Ho Chi Minh City. Grown from founders’ big visions for the future of innovative fusion Vietnamese cuisine, at Quan Ut Ut and Bia Craft restaurants, all dishes, and craft beer are modified to suit the Vietnamese palate.

However, with four unique brands and two companies in the portfolio, each company started striving in its own direction. It became clear that a shared future was missing.

“One team, one vision”

As such, the leadership teams of all brands sat down together and reinvented how they worked together. At the end of the transformation, a unified force was born, same name but different mission: Red Wok was no longer a group of separate companies.

Red Wok had emerged to be one restaurant group, operating the most loved brand.

As of 30 September 2022, Red Wok is operating 9 Wrap&Roll, 2 Quan Ut Ut, 7 Bia Craft, and 8 Lau Bo Sai Gon restaurants.

The new future

Red Wok is now committed to creating die-hard fans at each location and has world-class training systems that attract the best talent in the market at all levels of the organization.

Looking forward, Red Wok aims to be the largest restaurant group in Vietnam operating the most loved brands:

“We wow our customers by first doing the right thing for our people, who in turn will do the right thing for our customers and the environment.”

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