The Mekong Enterprise Fund was launched in 2002 at $18.5 million in committed capital and was fully invested in 10 companies by the end of 2005. The Fund was the first growth capital private equity fund focused on Vietnam.

The Mekong Enterprise Fund invested in unlisted companies in the Vietnamese private sector, with significant exposure to manufacturing and export related industries. Companies invested by the Fund were typically owned and managed by first-generation Vietnamese entrepreneurs. Starting with Mekong Enterprise Fund II, the Mekong Enterprise Fund series shifted its investment focus to more value-added consumer driven industries - especially retailing consumer products - managed by new-generation management teams.

The Mekong Enterprise Fund pursued smaller sized companies, acquiring significant minority stakes and enabling the Fund to cooperate closely with its investees. Value-addition programs applied by the investment team during the Fund’s life focused on the implementation of operational performance enhancement projects (such as six sigma or lean manufacturing systems), financial management, human resources recruiting and corporate governance advisory.

Some of MEF’s notable investments included AA, Ngo Han, Saigon Gas and Duc Thanh. MEF is no longer active and has completed its winding-up procedures.

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