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A scientist dedicates spore probiotic products to "made in Vietnam"

15 years ago, Dr. Nguyen Hoa Anh went to Japan to study molecular biology, focusing mainly on beneficial bacteria in plants. He completed his Ph.D. in Life Science from Tohoku University in 2001.

After years of working in the academic environment abroad, he returned to Vietnam to work at the Hanoi University of Science (HUS). He happened to meet famous scientists from around the world who were coming to Vietnam to seek cooperation on probiotic products for human use.

“At that time, I rethought my scientific path. I began to check the probiotic products on the market and found that the probiotic content was not exactly the same as in advertising. There were many probiotic products that combined with many other types, such as vitamins, digestive enzymes and DHA, or dry probiotic products,” – said Dr. Anh.

In 2010, Dr. Anh and his friends, Mr. Duong Song Ha and Mr. Dang Quoc Hung co-founded the precursor company of LiveSpo to embark on the excursion called ‘spore probiotics’.

From left to right: Mr. Duong Song Ha – the Co-Founder and Board Of Director, Mr. Nguyen Hoa Anh – the Chairman &  Founder and the inventor of the probiotic technology – and Mr. Dang Quoc Hung – the Co-Founder and CEO of LiveSpo.

The first commercial spore-based probiotics products in water form

The normal beneficial bacteria when entering the body must cross another fence, which is acid in the stomach. Thus, if the probiotic product has a low probiotic content, the bacteria will die because of stomach acid, before entering the intestine.

It was the reason why Dr. Anh was determined to seek the advantages of spores – a special form of some spore-forming bacteria. So the first commercial spore-based probiotics products in water form were launched with much greater efficacy than the traditional probiotics in the market.

In specific, this technology surpassed all the disadvantages of traditional probiotics: multi-strains, high concentration, resistant to temperatures up to 80oC, and to acid, even at pH2, the acid level in the stomach.

Nasal Spray LiveSpo NAVAX: Probiotics of the Next Generation for Respiratory Infections

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a leading cause of Acute Respiratory Tract Infections (ARTIs) in young children.

LiveSpo’s R&D team published results showing that the nasal spray LiveSpo NAVAX reduced a load of RSV and influenza virus by 600 fold and was 50- to 70-fold more effective than physiological saline after 2-3 days of treatment. The results achieved a breakthrough milestone when Nature journal validated and published LiveSpo’s research on the effectiveness of LiveSpo NAVAX nasal spray.

LiveSpo's participation in the BIO International Convention 2023

In June 2023, LiveSpo is the first representative from Vietnam to participate in the BIO International Convention, an exhibition showcasing breakthrough biotechnology solutions, held in BostonUSA.

The company cultivated great opportunities to be engaged in B2B meetings with partners coming from various countries all over the world, as well as opportunities for exclusive distribution of LiveSpo products in international markets.



LiveSpo's main product lines

In 2014, LiveSpo began to export its products to many countries in the world. They promote online sales to the US and Europe via

Since then, they continued to expand their main product line of spore-based liquid probiotic supplements for digestive disorders as well as diversify their categories to a wider range of other products for respiratory, skincare, acne treatment, etc.


Probiotic Spores for colitis, digestive disorders

LiveSpo Colon

Probiotic Spores for treatment of diarrhea; stop Diarrhea In 30 Minutes

LiveSpo Dia 30 product

Probiotic Spores for prevention of digestive disorders due to side effects of antibiotics

LiveSpo Clausy product

Probiotic Spores for mother and baby - support to reduce constipation and improve appetite

LiveSpo Pregmom product

Specialized Probiotic Spore Nasal Spray - support the treatment of respiratory infections due to virus and bacteria

LiveSpo Navax product

Specialized Probiotic Spore Nasal Spray - prevent respiratory infections due to virus & bacteria (for children)

LiveSpo Navax Kids product

Probiotic Spores for inflammation, fungus itching

Probiotic Spores for reducing acne antibacterial

LiveSpo Colon
LiveSpo Dia 30 product
LiveSpo Clausy product
LiveSpo Pregmom product
LiveSpo Navax product
LiveSpo Navax Kids product