Đội ngũ kinh doanh công ty Rever và CEO Phan Lê Mạnh

A mountaineer ready for the next climb

Mrs. Ha Thi Thuc Uyen, CEO of Rever

Ten years climbing the ladder from a fresh graduate to the senior executive at VNG – Vietnam’s first-ever unicorn start-up, Phan Le Manh saw himself as a mountaineer ready for the next climb. An opportunity came when he experienced the fragmented real estate market and noticed the rising needs of homeownership from the tech-savvy population.

So in 2016, Manh and his senior colleague at VNG, Vo Thang Loi, with two other friends founded Rever (meaning dream in French). Rever became one of the pioneering proptech companies in Vietnam with a mission to transform the brokerage market, enabling more people to access their ‘dreams’ of homeownership easier.

It wasn’t easy to set up everything again at first, but the founders were determined to spend substantial time and effort to develop a strong management team and provide professional training for its agents. This foundation has led Rever to emerge as a leading proptech firm with more than 50,000 verified listings 5 years later.

From just over 80 employees in the early stages of development, Rever now has 300 employees. From a humble beginning of 200 transactions in 2017, in 2020, Rever’s annual transactions grew ten-fold to 2,000 in 2020.

The outlook

Aiming to become a one-stop-shop for all accommodation-related needs, Rever continues to develop its technology focusing more on its customer experience with a wider range of value-adding tools and services such as loan brokerage, digital furniture fitting, and smart-home solutions.

Looking forward, with the vision to become the top proptech companies in Vietnam, Rever plans to further develop its team and optimize its business while expanding to 20 cities, 200 transaction centers and 20,000 agents 2025.

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