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Hoang Le Phuong Trang


Senior Talent Acquisition Officer


Functional - Talent Acquisition


Ho Chi Minh City

Mekong Capital TOS team Hoang Le Phuong Trang

Trang was born and raised in Ho Chi Minh City. Although being the youngest daughter in a traditional military & central family, she was always independent in her thinking and choosing her direction for her career path.

Trang first found her interest in Human Resources when she worked as an intern at Tower Watson. From her humble experience, Human Resource was about supporting employees and the businesses development. She liked to be at the heart of the enterprise in this way. It was not until she switched to the Recruitment Consultant Role at RGF, Executive Search Company, that she found something different in this field. She was drawn to People: their motivations, behaviors, their success stories, main achievements, and reasons for failure. She was grateful to have the opportunity to meet talented people and learn every day about their jobs.

3 years Trang had been through, she realized that she was too focused on the candidate’s side and neglected the business operation as a whole – a missing piece to become the “Heart” of Employee & Business. Trang was ready for her next destination, as an ‘In-house Headhunter’ at one of the leading consumer finance companies. Trang saw new perspectives and had learned a lot there: working across departments with various hiring managers, implementing Recruitment’s systems/Processes like a greenhouse, and engaging with the teams on best interview practices. She was proud to build a different recruiter’s image in the organization as realistic, reasonable, and coachable. Her mission was not only to bring the offer to the candidates, but she could also counsel and guide them toward the right path and achieve their goals.

Trang has seen that something is missing there, connecting Employees to business based on key criteria & expectations may not be enough, “How could we retain Employees? Other than Compensation & Benefit, what else?”

Mekong Capital came to her with abstract images: so many core values and so complicated, but she loved to discover it, so she made the decision to choose Mekong as her new destination. At an early stage, she gets continuously motivated day by day through interacting with college, owning her tasks, empowering herself and others. This is probably a good way to retain employees, beyond the Benefit Package. She realizes that nurturing Culture & Core Values alive in each employee is the most challenging yet rewarding process. Trang is now proud to be the Talent and Culture Coach-sultant, carrying on the Mekong Capital’s mission to portfolio Companies: collaborate and fulfill C-suites positions to bring out a world-class leadership team externally while attracting, retaining, and developing an extraordinary team internally. Trang is very excited to contribute and together build new chapters for Mekong Capital, as well as its investee companies.