Thanh Phuong - E&S Manager Thanh Phuong - E&S Manager
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Tran Dang Thanh Phuong


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Thanh Phuong - E&S Manager

Phuong was born and raised in Quang Ngai Province, Central Vietnam. Growing up in a conventional Vietnamese family, Phuong was taught that being a good girl at home, a good student at school, and then successfully graduating from a university would help her to have a good job and a better life later on. But no one talked to her about her passion, how her life could be fulfilled, etc.

At the age of 18, Phuong coincidently chose to study Environmental Technology at university with the simple thought that it would be great to protect and do good things for nature as she loved trees, flowers, and green spaces. Luckily, it turned out to be a good start for her and made a foundation for all her career development later on.

Phuong spent several years working for multinational companies as the person in charge of Environmental, Health and Safety, then at a global sustainability consulting firm as a consultant. All of those years have built up her professional muscles but also raised questions to Phuong about the sense of fulfillment in her life, or simply in her jobs, which she was still searching for. Her answer is not only money or professional growth but also values that she could generate through her work, which could keep her happily staying on her path, inspire her to overcome challenges and difficulties, as well as open new opportunities. With that thought, Phuong chose to join Mekong Capital in 2023 as an Environmental and Social Manager, where she has been given spaces to realize, nurture and fulfill her own personal purposes, which are, creating meaningful impacts on people, the environment and the businesses not only at Mekong Capital, but also at companies that Mekong has worked with and the broad communities, while growing her own careers.