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YOLA – Marketing Director


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Role Purpose

We are looking for a strategic Marketing Director to drive Yola’s growth by connecting closely with our target audience. We’re seeking an experienced professional with expertise in customer journey and a talent for fostering customer intimacy. In this key role, you’ll align our offerings with consumer needs, recruit target customers, and convert them into loyal advocates. Bring your marketing prowess and leadership skills to lead our full-function Marketing team, collaborating with internal and external partners to create impactful campaigns. This role is not just a job it’s your opportunity to shape the Yola story and contribute to our continued success.

About the company: At Yola, each of our team members has a clear working purpose and a shared vision, and mission.
Vision:  Better lives through better education.
  • Students love to learn.
  • Teachers love to teach.
  • People love to work.
Mission: Yola is a student-centric system of English language training centers in Vietnam, setting the highest standard for student engagement and most inspiring teachers. This leads to the highest rate of referrals, high retention rates and better academic results. In this way, we serve more than 80,000 students cumulatively across our network of highly utilized centers. Students can start courses and move up to new levels within seven days of registration.
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Key Accountabilities

1. Strategic Planning and Market Insight:
  • Develop and implement collaborative marketing strategies with business teams to drive New Customer Acquisition through Referrals, Experiential Marketing, and Digital Marketing.
  • Conduct market insight and utilize this market intelligence to inform decision-making, demonstrating critical thinking and planning skills. Advantageous to have market insight specific to educational trends and demands.
  • Grow authentic customer referrals by developing and leveraging brand awareness, brand love, USP so that Yola becomes top of mind and the preferred brand of new and existing customers.

2. Customer Experience and Targeted Marketing Execution:
  • Manage marketing execution to deliver a consistent and exceptional customer experience across all touchpoints, attracting the right target segments and achieving the desired conversion to enrollment, ensuring customer acquisition cost and return on investment.
  • Leverage in-depth knowledge of the student journey and behavior to execute marketing activities, ensuring they exemplify Yola’s standards.
  • Implement experiential marketing strategies in an educational context with a customer-centric mindset focused on enhancing the overall student experience.

3. Marketing Leadership and Performance Management:
  • Lead, develop, and manage Marketing Team members, establishing an effective marketing organizational structure with the right capabilities to deliver results.
  • Demonstrate a track record of driving performance in Digital Marketing, Experiential Marketing, Referrals Marketing, and Brand Equity aligned with Yola’s Vision, Missions, and strategic direction.
  • Provide effective coaching to develop the staff and build the talent pool for the organization
  • Understand key performance metrics and tracking tools for market research, forecasts, competitor analyses, campaign results, and consumer trends, and translate results into actionable insights for the marketing team.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with local high schools, universities, or any strategic partners.

4. Growth Mindset and Creativity:
  • Possess a growth mindset and demonstrate creativity in marketing activities, implementing effective A/B testing for optimal results while ensuring a positive customer experience and brand image.
  • Utilize market insight to explore unique marketing approaches within the education sector, fostering innovation in alignment with Yola’s goals
5. Perform other duties required by the CEO.

Key Qualifications

1. Extensive Marketing Experience:
  • Demonstrate a proven track record in marketing with a focus on driving impactful results.
  • Showcase comprehensive knowledge of branding strategies.
2. Team Leadership and Collaboration:
  • Lead a diverse team comprising writers, designers, trade or local store marketings, event, marketing analysis and digital marketing experts.
  • Foster collaboration within the team and establish effective communication channels.
3. Client Interaction and Business Partnerships:
  • Regularly engage with business partners and clients to understand their needs and expectations.
  • Cultivate strong relationships that contribute to the success of marketing initiatives.
4. Consumer-Centric Approach:
  • Possess a deep understanding of consumer behavior and preferences.
  • Drive solutions that resonate with customers and make a meaningful impact.
5. Technology Integration and Updated Marketing Expertise:
  • Seamlessly integrate technology into marketing strategies to exceed expectations.
  • Actively drive innovation using updated marketing techniques and know-how for positive and impactful solutions.

Key Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 7 years of marketing experience (preferably B2C).
  • At least 3 years of experience as a Head of Marketing, directly managing a team of 7 or more.
  • Strong planning and organizational skills, capable of handling multiple tasks with attention to detail.
  • Results-oriented, proactive, and adaptable with a passion for continuous learning.
  • Demonstrated initiative, ownership, and team-building spirit, coupled with excellent people skills.
  • Effective communication in both English and Vietnamese to collaborate seamlessly with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Willing to work outside standard office hours as needed to meet business objectives.
  • Proficient in strategic thinking, data-driven decision-making, and achieving measurable results.