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Why you should NOT join Mekong Capital

Most outsiders’ idea of what it is that we do is quite different from what we actually do.

Most outsiders imagine our jobs involve meeting lots of companies, financial modeling, some desk research, lots of transactions, and perhaps sharing our ideas with investee companies. Thus, our teams with their experience and best practices will bring lots of valuable solutions to the table.

In the Private Equity world that job candidates have imagined, their academic backgrounds typically prepared them for some of these skills, especially the desk research or collecting great ideas.

“If you’ve spent a lot of time developing these skills, we have bad news for you.”

Why you should NOT join Mekong Capital

Most of these skills, while necessary at a foundational level in Private Equity, are a very small part of what we do and are NOT what drives success or career development.

The essence of Private Equity is adding value rather than being a passive investor, and therefore the skills necessary to be successful at a high-performing Private Equity firm have more to do with how that Private Equity firm adds value.

“At Mekong Capital, we add value through an Ontological approach”

We are looking for candidates who will fit with our culture and ontological approach.

Ontological approach is about shifting occurring for ourselves and others, leading to breakthroughs in performance. We can call this the world of transformation, and it starts with who we are BEING and our own willingness to transform.

Accordingly, we have designed our onboarding and employee development opportunities relating to the discovery of Mekong’s core values, and transformations in who each person is being as access to delivering breakthroughs in their performance.

Therefore, we are the best place for people who are genuinely interested in transformation and leadership as a basis for consistently delivering breakthroughs in Private Equity.

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