Mekong Capital is a Vietnam-focused Private Equity firm, specializing in consumer driven businesses. Mekong Capital’s investee companies are typically among the fastest growing and market leading companies in Vietnam’s consumer-driven sectors such as retail, restaurants, consumer products and education. Some of our well-known investment success stories include MobileWorld, Phu Nhuan Jewelry (PNJ), ICP, Golden Gate, Vietnam Australia International School (VAS), Masan Consumer, Traphaco, Pharmacity, F88, YOLA, Pizza 4P’s, Red Wok, Vua Nem, ABA Cool Trans and Nhat Tin Logistics.

Established in 2001, Mekong Capital has the most extensive private equity track record in Vietnam. Our funds have completed 35 private equity investments, of which 26 have been fully exited. Mekong Capital has advised 4 funds, one of which is currently active.

Our team includes 35+ full-time people in our offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Mekong Capital is led by four Partners with a combined more than 50 years’ experience in our firm. Mekong Capital has been a pioneer in building a powerful corporate culture, a strong team which is a basis for breakthrough results.
Mekong Capital has a strong track record of adding significant value at its investee companies through our Ontological Private Equity approach, and our Vision Driven Investing framework. We work closely with our investee companies to empower them to create a clear vision for their future, a reliable path, the management team and corporate culture necessary for achieving their vision, the data to make well informed decisions and optimize performance, as well as other critical infrastructure and approaches for growing quickly and achieving their vision.