We believe that skill in successfully evaluating the capacity of management teams, as well as discipline in deal terms are key success factors at the pipeline and deal selection phase.

Excellence in Management – We carefully select for management and leadership teams that are committed to a big vision for the future of their companies, and that are continuously developing the management and leadership capacity to successfully fulfill on those visions. These will typically be companies that are very proactive about seeking out and applying best practices for their industries. Our extensive track record making private equity investments in Vietnam gives us an advantage in evaluating which management teams are most likely to deliver the value creation that we expect.

Consumer driven sectors - We focus on consumer driven businesses, which capture the growth in spending power by Vietnam’s rapidly growing middle class. We believe other sectors can also be successful, but we’ve chosen to develop a strong core competence in consumer driven sectors that involve some combination of branding, distribution, sales and retail.

Single businesses with scalability – We invest in companies that are focused on a single business that are highly scalable, especially when they are operating in fragmented markets in which there is an opportunity for the most well-managed companies to gain significant market share. We don’t invest in groups that hold multiple investments in unrelated businesses.