Mekong Capital is a pioneer in applying Vision Driven Investing to produce consistently high investment returns. Our post-investment philosophy is based on the proposition that we partner with our investee companies to align around and achieve a bigger future than what is predictable without an investment by Mekong Capital. We add value insofar as we provide the leadership to commit to, empower, and achieve a bigger future for our investee companies than what a passive investor would provide. 

The intention of Vision Driven Investing:

Vision Driven Investing​​ Intention
Vision The company has a clear goal for its future. A​ll key stakeholders see themselves as the creators/owners, are aligned around it, and partnering together to achieve that shared goal. It is an ambitious goal, beyond the predictable, that requires (and pulls for) organization-wide breakthroughs in performance and capability.​
Drivers / Optimal Pathway There is a clear and actionable pathway towards the fulfillment of the vision.
KPIs The company has identified which actionable short-term targets are most critical or impactful for achieving the Drivers / Optimal Pathway and has organized the team around delivering those targets.
Business Intelligence Analytics The Board and the management team focus on the issues with will have the biggest impact on performance, and quickly take actions to ensure that the annual drivers/optimal pathway will be achieved.​​ Each person who is accountable for delivering a target has real-time access to their, or their team's, performance against targets. When they are not on track to achieve a target, it is quickly brought to the relevant people's attention, so that it can be dealt with as a breakdown. New reports can easily be generated and presented in ways that are easy to understand, insightful and actionable.
Generating Breakthroughs As a company organized around breakthrough goals, the company will naturally face many situations in which its not predicable they will achieve those breakthrough goals. When the company is not on track for achieving any target, which we call a "breakdown", this is consistently used as an opportunity to both: a) quickly handle the immediate impact of the breakdown to maintain integrity and minimize disruption; and b) identify what was missing or not working that led to the breakdown, and create next steps to handle those, which when fully handled would reliably lead to a breakthrough in future performance. Consequently, the company is rapidly embracing past failures and mistakes, and consistently improving its performance as a result of breakdowns.
Management Team / HR Capability The company has a world class management/leadership team in place for each key management position: each manager can lead their team to reliably deliver the KPIs and other results for which they are accountable. The company brings out the best in people, and attracts, retains and develops an extraordinary team. Employees who are performing well have a high rate of retention. The company has a healthy balance of promoting up capable people from within, while successfully recruiting outsiders who raise the company's competency in key areas.
Core Values / Culture The company has a strong culture in place built around a set of core values that are actionable and well aligned with the Vision. Employees live the core values and are reliably being and acting from the core values, enabling them to deliver breakthrough performance.  
Bonus System The bonus system leads to people taking actions that deliver targets and achieve breakthroughs in performance. Likewise, the bonus system aligns the long-term interests of employees with the company and creates a sense of partnership by sharing financial rewards insofar as the company achieves its Vision. Employees who are reliably delivering results will not leave the company due to financial considerations.
Corporate Governance The Board of Directors is organized around the company achieving its Vision. Each Board member has something valuable and relevant to contribute. Some of the Board members have already achieved a vision similar to the company's in the same sector, and can provide useful insights about both the pathways and pitfalls. With active participation by all Board members, a collective intelligence emerges through inclusive conversations at the Board meetings which lead to valuable new insights, initiatives or other breakthroughs. The Board does not interfere in management decisions, but rather empowers and coaches the management, while holding the management accountable for results. The best interests of all stakeholders are represented, including customers, employees, shareholders and the broader community/planet.​
Outside Experts The compan​​y proactively finds and engages the best outside experts, consultants, advisors and comparable companies to quickly learn and apply best practices, and expertise, which would otherwise take the company much longer to discover through its own trial and error.
Customer Driven The company is organized around customers, including listening to customers to improve customer experience, identifying actionable insights about specific groups of customers, ensuring sufficient focus on the most valuable customers, designing customer journeys and customer experiences that fulfill on the company's brand strategy, maintaining an active relationship with customers through engagement and loyalty programs, and acting in the best interests of customers. The company's culture and internal processes are designed in ways that are organized around customers and what they experience.
Focus The company values focus over diversification, and simplicity over complexity. The company executes reliably and grows fast because they are focused on doing a limited number of things very well, while continuously simplifying to remove friction for customers and employees. They prioritize, and allocate people and resources where it will have the biggest impact. The pursuit of focus applies to all levels such as major shareholders interests, number of business units or business models, non-core investments, number of strategic initiatives underway and brand strategy/messaging.
Digital Transformation The c​​ompany leverages the full power of digital transformation to automate business processes and create a scalable infrastructure for growth, including an agile mindset, data-informed experimentation, e-commerce, online/offline integration, targeted digital marketing, a robust business intelligence platform, and seamless integration of critical business processes across functions.
Delegation & Accountabilities No person is a significant bottleneck in the company. Every person knows exactly what results they are accountable for and their role in fulfilling the company's Vision. KPIs are effectively cascaded down throughout the organization, and people are held accountable for results. Accountability and decision rights are clearly delegated, with clear job descriptions and performance expectations. Decisions are made quickly by one person with accountability to do so, or small cross-functional groups. People on the front lines are empowered to make relevant decisions and can be relied on to do so in accordance with the core values. The organizational structure and lines of communication are sufficiently dynamic that cross functional teams can easily be formed to generate new initiatives and take action rather than waiting or being bogged down by a bureaucracy.