ABA is the leading service & solutions provider in the field of integrated cold-chain logistics with a large fleet of 262 trucks and 2 warehouses of 37,000 pallet positions, as of March 2020. The company aims to build a sole and first standardized integrated cold chain logistics in Vietnam through one window service.

ABA services modern retail outlets and leading suppliers on a PAN-Vietnam basis, such as Bach Hoa Xanh, Big C, VinMart, Masan Nutri Sciences, KIDO and other top-tier clients. The firm now has nearly 10 years of experiences and expertise in operating cold chain logistics activities.

ABA’s competitive advantage is the cutting-edge IT infrastructure – the Oracle Transportation Management System. The platform is designed to facilitate the management of the core transportation and trucking services, giving a greater oversight of route planning, trip fulfillments and customer billing.