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Lương Quang Thi - Nhà sáng lập và Tổng Giám Đốc công ty ABA Cooltrans

The founder and CEO Luong Quang Thi

After many years of working in-store operations in the largest supermarkets in Vietnam, Mr. Luong Quang Thi realized that the cold chain in Vietnam was only being used for export rather than domestic grocery retailers. 

It was the inspiration that fueled Mr. Thi’s decision to found ABA Cooltrans in 2008 as one of the pioneering companies in Vietnam creating a complete cold supply chain from transportation to storage and distribution of goods to retailers.

Mr. Thi calls it the one-stop service, where manufacturers only need to focus on working with a single partner who can solve all their cold storage and transportation needs from start to finish until their products are sold on the shelves of stores or supermarkets.

 “Manufacturers focus on their strongest arm, which is production, and cold chain service providers will do the rest from their strongest competencies”, Thi said

In this integrated cold supply chain, temperature control, speed of transportation, and food safety are the three crucial factors of success. Therefore,  ‘A-be-A’ in ‘ABA Cooltrans’ resembles the company’s commitment to “Right temperature, right time, right goods”.

Unlock the growth

Công ty ABA Cooltrans

As Vietnamese consumers gain more awareness and pay more attention to food safety, there has been a large shift from general trade to modern trade. This has resulted in a significant increase in the demand for cold supply chains.

Given their rich experience in the industry and their high commitment to integrity, ABA Cooltrans continuously grew its trucking business, servicing modern retailers, food manufacturers, F&B chains, and import exporters across Vietnam.

In 2016, with the investment from Mekong Enterprise Fund III, ABA Cooltrans entered the cold storage business by acquiring a cold storage facility in Hanoi with around 15,000 pallet positions.

Two years later, ABA acquired a warehouse in Ho Chi Minh City with a capacity of 25,000 pallet locations.

Kho lạnh ABA Cooltrans Vietnam
ABA Cooltrans’ Cold Storage in Ho Chi Minh City

Leadership is challenged

In just a decade, ABA Cooltrans had rapidly evolved from its humble beginning as a temperature-controlled transport provider, offering integrated cold chain logistics service to the entire Vietnam market.

However, in 2020, even the cold supply chain industry was impacted by the heat of the pandemic. As a result, ABA faced a number of challenges to achieve its vision.

Kho lạnh ABA Cooltrans Vietnam

Navigate to performance-driven organization

Kho lạnh công ty ABA Cooltrans Vietnam

There were some attempts to get the right people on board to face these new challenges. Step by step, the leadership team began to form a clearer picture of what the best management team would look like for ABA Cooltrans to achieve its vision.

New positions were created and new senior directors joined the team. At the same time, the current managers started to reinvent themselves and find new ways to uplift their leadership.

As a result, ABA Cooltrans established a solid foundation from its expanded leadership team, who found a personal connection to the vision of providing safe food to the people of Vietnam. This marked a milestone for the company to transform to be a performance-driven organization.

In September 2020, ABA Cooltrans opened a new refrigerated distribution center in Linh Trung II Export Processing Zone, Thu Duc District, with an estimated capacity of 8,000 tons.

This development marks a breakthrough in ABA Cooltrans’ ability to meet the rising demand for food safety for consumers, towards the realization of its 2023 vision and mission of food safety for Vietnam.

The company operates two cold storage facilities in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with a total capacity of 37,000 pallets; 262 self-owned trucks as of 30 June 2022.

Kho lạnh công ty ABA Cooltrans Linh Trung, Thủ Đức

The outlook

Đội ngũ công ty ABA Cooltrans

ABA Cooltrans has built its leadership team into one of its competitive advantages. Under this professional management team, the company continues its transformation while staying true to its commitment to flawless integrity by delivering and storing the right products at the right time and at the right temperature as the ABA Cooltrans’ vision 2023:

“To be the best cold chain lead logistics player in Vietnam, delivering compelling value through integrated, end-to-end solutions to strategic and valued customers.”

Today, they fulfill this vision with some of the country’s largest modern retailers and suppliers, including Bach Hoa Xanh, Vinmart, Masan, and more.