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New ambitious player in the education sector

In the 2000s, Ngo Thuy Ngoc Tu and Pham Anh Khoa were co-founders of an online forum that helped students win scholarships to universities in the States called VietAbroader. They then received scholarships for themselves and departed to the US for their separate degrees. In 2009, after returning to Vietnam, the pair chose to continue their mission to help Vietnamese students access the life-changing experience of studying abroad. Together with two US alumni, they co-founded YOLA as a digital learning company that connected Vietnamese students with American tutors.

Trung tâm anh ngữ Yola của ai? chị Ngô Thùy Ngọc Tú (Chủ tịch HĐQT) và anh Phạm Anh Khoa (Giám đốc)
Two co-founders of Yola – Ngo Thuy Ngoc Tu and Pham Anh Khoa

Entered a bigger game

Trung tâm Yola - Anh văn Yola Vietnam

However, at that time, few people were familiar with online study so they began offering face-to-face SAT-prep classes.

The company employed an academic curriculum and an online content platform to deliver a blended learning experience. These were aspects that differentiated YOLA strongly from other providers in the market.

After eight years, YOLA had successfully trained more than 30,000 students, with over 10,000+ students studying abroad at that time.

Thanks to this growth, in 2017, YOLA successfully raised US$4.9 million from Mekong Enterprise Fund III, pursuing a new vision: to create high-quality education to help young Vietnamese unleash their potential to pursue their dreams.

Facing new challenges

Over the past 13 years, YOLA has been supporting Vietnamese students to achieve impressive academic results, as well as total scholarship awards from the world’s top 100 universities: Harvard, Yale, Stanford. 

Nevertheless, the Covid-19 pandemic has put YOLA on the verge of closing all its centers. YOLA turned this into an opportunity for breakthrough to embrace its identity of ‘online learning’ to deploy a Hybrid teaching model called YOLA SMART Learning with the most cutting-edge technology for the virtual classrooms.

Trung tâm Anh ngữ Yola Vietnam

The outlook

Công ty cổ phần giáo dục Yola áp dụng Smart Learning trong học tiếng Anh

In 2019, impressed by the importance of education in Vietnamese culture and the potential of YOLA, an education-focused investment firm, Kaizen, invested in the company and has become a valuable partner.

With the introduction of its new Hybrid and YOLA Smart Learning model where technology is the core, YOLA is committed to providing the best language education to many students across its 11 training centers in Vietnam.

Looking forward, YOLA continues its transformation to achieve its vision of enrolling 500,000 students and reach 2 million people through education by providing awesome customer experience and employee satisfaction, and by living our core values.

Vua Nem

Vua Nem