Nhat Tin Logistics (NTL) is an express delivery company, specializing in high-value items for the B2B sector. They service leading retailers such as Mobile World, FPT Shop, and other institutional clients such as Samsung.

NTL was established in 2014 by a group of seasoned entrepreneurs from Vietnam’s express delivery sector. In their humble beginning, NTL provided (and still do to these days) door-to-door express logistics services in 4 major cities with a team of only 15 light trucks. Three years later, they had quickly become the leading player in the B2B segment. Seeing this potential of NTL, Mekong Enterprise Fund III decided to invest in the company and became their partner to maximizing the business growth.

In the beginning, NTL focused on optimizing its business while expanding its network coverage. By 2018, NTL had already generated profits at a rate of 32% with an impressive delivery network and management system being implemented. However, along the way, the leadership team realized that they were committed to a bigger vision, which was not yet instilled organization-wide. There was still a lot of authority in the organization where 'the bosses' seemingly had the most power. 

They then embarked on a corporate culture transformation journey, led by the founders to build NTL being an attractive place to work. They continuously invested their energy, encouragement, and empowerment to all of their team members being core values. They had launched many initiatives to integrate new members and set up a culture in which their people can feel at home, can all contribute and share their success. 

In 2020, it became clear for NTL that their delivery services were an integrated part of the buying experience. Thus, on December 9, Nhat Tin Express (NTX) was launched in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, marking a new logistics brand in Vietnam, whose mission is to increase E-commerce logistics (B2C)  and transportation from manufacturers directly to consumers (D2C). In this way, NTX can contribute to increasing the customers' buying experience.

This shift marked not only the business development but also the success of its culture transformation that enabled NTL to emerge out of their strong suit from their past success formula with B2B and embrace new opportunities to acquire new clients.

As such, from their humble beginning, NTL has grown to operate 350 trucks, 80,000m2 warehouse space, and has an established distribution network covering 330 post offices and postal locations across Vietnam, as of 31 March 2021.

Looking forward, within 2 years,  NTX becomes top 5 in the e-logistics market besides its core B2B business and we are committed to being their value-added partner to support them in achieving their vision.