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Nhat Tin Logistics

The leading provider for B2B Logistics

In the 2000s, Mr. Nguyen Van Tu had been working with Mr. Nguyen Cong Cat, Mr. Pham Dinh Loi, Mr. Vu Quoc Doanh, and Mr. Ha Ngoc Anh for years as the leadership team of one of the largest foreign logistics companies in Vietnam.  

 These five colleagues had a shared dream of making a difference in Vietnam’s logistics industry focusing on customer experience. In 2014, they founded Nhat Tin Logistics to specialize in delivering high-value items for retailers such as FPT Retail and Mobile World. 

The name “Nhat Tin Logistics“ was chosen as it represents the company’s foundation – delivering “Trust” to the customers.

Đội ngũ công ty chuyển phát nhanh Nhất Tín Logistics và anh Nguyễn Văn Tú, đồng sáng lập
Mr. Tu (in black) and Nhat Tin Logistics team

Entered a bigger game

Chuyển phát nhanh Nhất Tín Logistics là một trong những công ty logistics lớn ở việt nam

Nhat Tin Logistics started by providing door-to-door express logistics services in 4 major cities with a team of only 15 light trucks. Three years later, in 2017, they had quickly established themselves as the leading player in the B2B segment.

As the company continued to expand its network, by 2018, Nhat Tin Logistics achieved a positive net profit. Over this period, the company was also able to sustain double digits growth in revenue and number of shipments. 

In the first quarter of 2019, the company declared a bold Vision for 2023, everything started to change rapidly. The vision gave the company a clear sense of direction and allowed the management team to deploy resources to achieve the key milestones.

The journey of transformation

Ban Văn Hóa công ty Nhất Tín Logistics

Initially, in the face of this bold vision, the company struggled to realize the milestones. Furthermore, as Nhat Tin Logistics was a relatively young company, the new management team did not form a strong sense of connections among themselves and to the company’s vision. They could not corporate as a strong, high-performance team. 

During this journey, the co-founders and leadership teams sat together and decided to prioritize building a strong Corporate Culture with a clear identity and behavior sets that are necessary to fulfill the company’s vision. 

As they each led by example and inspired the team to collaborate and work together towards a common vision. The teams started seeing obstacles as opportunities to improve service quality and customer experience, ultimately delivering more value to customers.

Focus on optimizing operation and tailored service

The company has strategically developed a focused approach to cater to the unique delivery requirements of its corporate customers: customized delivery solutions based on the demand of each customer. By prioritizing operational quality and on-time delivery, the company aims to streamline its operations, enhance service excellence, and optimize costs. Nhat Tin’s strategy positions the company for substantial growth as it meets the demands of its corporate clientele, who highly value on-time and cost-efficient delivery service.

Nhất Tín Express - Chuyển phát nhanh Nhất Tín

The new chapter

Công ty Nhất Tín Logistics là một trong những công ty logistics lớn ở Việt Nam

This shift in business development combined with the success of its Culture transformation enabled Nhat Tin Logistics to emerge from its core B2B business to embrace new opportunities and expand to last-mile logistics.

As of 31 May 2023, the company operated 445 trucks, 76,000m2 warehouse space, and provided its pick-up and drop-off service across Vietnam with 294 post offices.

Looking forward, Nhat Tin Express is expected to become one of the top 5 in the e-logistics market in the next two years. Nhat Tin Express is committed to being a valuable strategic partner for its customers in the journey of creating a better future.