Commitment to safety, convenience, and efficiency for all Vietnamese lives 

Mutosi Group is a manufacturer and distributor, specializing in producing water purifiers and electrical appliances following Japanese standards. Mutosi Group was established in 2018 by Mr. Tran Trung Dung and 3 co-founders, who have extensive operating experience in the water purifier industry. 

From the start, Mr. Dung was highly passionate about bringing safe, convenient, and efficient lives for Vietnamese consumers. Thus, while the Home Appliance sector already has some strong players, Mutosi was set up to differentiate itself from other competitors by listening to customers’ pain points and delivering products that solve such pain points for customers. The company then started off by providing affordable high-quality household products in 4 categories: (1) water purifiers, (2) safe kitchen appliances, (3) air purifiers, and (4) environmental care systems, such as raw water treatment.

Moreover, the quality control system at Mutosi is advised by experts from Hirayama Holdings, a Japanese Business Management company with 66 years of experience in manufacturing consulting, human resource training to improve production efficiency, enhance human resource capacity, and produce higher quality and more durable products.

A robust corporate culture built as the competitive advantage

Mr. Dung and the co-founders have built Mutosi culture in ways that enable open communication, where there is no one dominant founder with control interest, encouraging people to compliment and challenge each other.  Hence, with a strong culture (committed, caring, innovative, speed) and a tight-knit management team, Mutosi has set a solid foundation to scale and develop products around the increasingly diverse needs of consumers.   

After three years, Mutosi has grown from 300 points of sales in mid-2019 to over 3000 points of sale nationwide as of now. The investment from the MEF IV will support the company to advance its research & development in manufacturing technology, increase the quality of customer experience, train & develop staff, and expand distribution scale. By the end of 2021, Mutosi plans to increase its points of sale to 4000.

Looking forward, Mutosi continues its transformation from a manufacturer and a distributor to being the national pride of Vietnamese, for its breakthrough technology and for providing the most wonderful experience. It will foster all operations of the business to organize around creating the best experiences for consumers, partners, and members of Mutosi.

Mutosi Group is the second investee company announced by Mekong Enterprise Fund IV. 

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