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The unique vision for Vietnamese sleep

Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen – CEO of Vua Nem

Vua Nem was founded in 2007 by two Vietnamese entrepreneurs, Hoang Tuan Anh and Nguyen Vu Nghia, when a friend in Tuan Anh’s startup group won an award for an e-commerce project with

Seeing that this was a potential market, Tuan Anh and his friends founded, inspired by the famous American mattress retail chain called

The company then expanded quickly. Besides, Tuan Anh and his team also established reaching the southern market.

At that time, they also realized that, traditionally, mattresses were stacked on top of one another at shops, making it almost impossible to try. And no one ever thought of trying out a mattress.

Therefore, Tuan Anh and Nghia were determined to create a new business model that offered a modern shopping experience with a wide range of mattress types and mattresses brands. In this way, customers would have more opportunities to try and choose the best solution for their sleep.

New Partner, New Future

Eleven years later, Vua Nem has grown from a small shop on Xa Dan Street (Hanoi) to become a leading brand in Vietnam in the distribution, retail, and bedding sector with 46 stores in 24 provinces and cities across the country. 

In 2018, the founders welcomed Mekong Enterprise Fund III as a new partner. Following the investment, two brands – and –  were merged into one single brand called Vua Nem and a new e-commerce website was built. 

This was the first milestone for the company with a new vision: to become the biggest retailer for mattress and bedding products in the country.

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Vua Nem store concept encourages trials from customers


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Although the company quickly expanded its store network, optimized the system, and invited an industry expert, three years passed, Vua Nem’s growth was slowing down. At one point, the leadership team began to fall into the fire-fighting mode, overwhelmed with increasing day-to-day problems.

Thanks to Tuan And and Nghia’s resilience and commitment, the company tried relentlessly tried different ways to transform themselves and their teams as well as to cause breakthroughs in departments and organization-wide. 

They launched many initiatives to activate the corporate culture, empower their team with core values, and build connections between departments, something was missing.

One team, one vision

Seeing that the company was heading nowhere, in 2020, 28 members of Vua Nem’s management gathered for three days to co-create the Vua Nem Vision.

When each department excitedly shared how they imagined Vua Nem’s future and their proposed versions of the company’s Vision, a sense of connectedness and belonging filled the room.

Everyone’s eyes sparkled as they saw a shared future being co-written. Then, finally, they were ready to join side-by-side with each other on the journey to that Vision.

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The outlook

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After that, the whole crew was re-energized. They were excited to discuss what’s next, and about a future full of joy and happiness. Finally, they were connected as one by their shared committed future Vision.

Since then, breakthroughs followed by breakthroughs in many departments of the company. New initiatives quickly got implemented with high velocity and performance.

In 2023, Vua Nem recorded store-level EBITDA grew 41% YoY, the highest in Vua Nem’s history. Their business model efficiency is reflected in targeting the mass market, focusing on product-led marketing for best-selling products, and optimizing costs for online and offline channels.

Vua Nem is on its way to becoming a leading brand for sleep solutions by giving customers a variety of choices and experiences to best meet their individual needs.