Founded in 2007 by two Vietnamese entrepreneurs, Hoang Tuan Anh and Nguyen Vu Nghia, who had a strong belief in the model of American company Unlike other mattress retailers in Vietnam which were showrooms for a single brand, Vua Nem stores were differentiated by offering a modern shopping experience with a wide range of mattress types and mattress brands. 

Mekong Capital became interested in the new concept so we met with the founders. We were inspired by the founders' commitment and leadership. And the founders were also a big fan of Mekong Capital. From that meeting, we decided to move further and indeed completed the investment into the company in 2018.

We soon realized that our key to success was to elevate the founders' vision to be the company vision, especially with the leadership team. The moment the Vua Nem's vision was born and declared, it was like a sonic boom. All of the leadership team wholeheartedly felt the importance of each mattress in customers’ health and sleep. They also aligned on a set of core values to achieve its vision and embarked on its journey to build its corporate culture. The new culture then boosted the spirits of their team members. They actively engaged and tried new actions for themselves, and thus, causing breakthroughs at both personal and organizational levels.

As of 31 March 2021, Vua Nem is the leading multi-brand retail chain of mattresses and bedding accessories with 85 stores in many cities throughout Vietnam. Vua Nem is on its way to becoming a leading brand for sleep solutions by giving customers a variety of choices and experiences for their best needs.