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Le Ngoc Quoc Khanh


Digital Workplace Manager


Functional - Digital Transformation & Analytics


Ho Chi Minh City

Mekong Capital growth team Le Ngoc Quoc Khanh

Khanh graduated with an engineering degree in Posts and Telecommunications of Information Technology. With his major in Software Engineering, Khanh confidently and successfully led projects using web, mobile, and mapping technology in various software companies. His work experience inspired him to further his study to attain a master’s degree in Business Information Systems at Vietnamese German University. He continued taking more managerial roles in a global advertising agency. However, his leadership was really put to the test when he joined Mekong Capital in 2018.

At the beginning, his role was merely about IT system management. But in 2019, the year when Mekong Capital moved to fully cloud, Khanh re-invented his role to Digital Workplace Manager. Because Khanh has always been passionate about building a seamless and secure Digital Workplace where businesses use Digital Transformation to align technology, employees, and business processes to improve operational efficiency and meet organizational goals.

Khanh is responsible for the implementation, management, and optimization of digital tools to enhance productivity, collaboration, and business operations. In the process, it will optimize operational efficiency to fulfill Mekong Capital’s priorities and achieve Mekong Capital’s Vision.

He believes transformation must start with himself first. He is only at the beginning of the transformation journey and is on a path of realizing his full potential with an open and growth mindset. He practices Leadership himself and empowered his team members to looking at digital transformation as the accelerator of delivering breakthroughs. While contributing to realizing the company’s Vision, he is on the optimal path to a fulfilling life.