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Luong Huong My




Value Creation


Ho Chi Minh City

My was a creature of habit, living a monotonous life dictated by a rigid routine. Each day unfolded predictably: wake up, attend school, study, work, sleep, and repeat. Although she found comfort in this familiar pattern, a part of her couldn’t help but wonder if there was more to life than the confines of repetition.

Then, by a stroke of luck, My had a chance encounter with a fitness coach. From the very first day of training, the coach asked a thought-provoking question: “My, my only goal is for you to become your best self. Are you committed to this same goal? What does it look like for you?”

This question opened a door that My had never ventured through before. Slowly, but surely, a vision began to crystallize within her, transcending the boundaries of her routines. Her best self fearlessly embraced challenging sports such as powerlifting and long-distance running. Beyond that, her best self fostered healthy relationships with her parents, embraced greater purposes in life, and eagerly sought transformative experiences. Through this process, My discovered the incredible value of a supportive, growth-focused community and the guidance of a skilled coach. Most importantly, she uncovered the magic of self-discovery and the transformative nature of challenges.

My continuously pursued opportunities for further personal development. She seized every chance that came her way, until one day, she received an offer letter from Mekong Capital. Private equity beckoned to her as a long-distance journey filled with risks and rewards, reminiscent of her marathon running endeavors. It represented an opportunity for My to once again stretch beyond her comfort zone and triumph over her own limitations.

At Mekong Capital, My embarked on a continual journey of growth and discovery. As a member of the Value Creation team, she takes on the role of a coach, creating a safe space for investees to undergo profound transformations. With dedication, she helps them overcome mental barriers, conquer challenges, and achieve breakthroughs. My understood that these transformations had a ripple effect, extending beyond the investees themselves to positively impact their families, peers, friends, and communities. By contributing to the development and prosperity of Vietnam, My and her colleagues were generating value that transcended their immediate surroundings.